unknown to you

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lonelygirljust a gal writing what she can
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A letter never sent where I poured my emotions out on paper, but the person it was intended for never got to see it....

unknown to you

You are always there for me

You listen to me and never judge me

You'll drop everything to help me if I really need you

You always support me

You joke around with me, but know how to be serious and talk to me when we need to

You smile when you look at me and I'm always smiling at you

I feel so special when you hold me closer

You caught me in a crazy part of my life and you were just what I needed

You are my rock

I can always count on you

You put me first and I would do the same for you

You can always make me laugh even on my worst days

I feel so much gratitude that I have you in my life

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