Swaying Under the Stars
Swaying Under the Stars sweet stories

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Your work boots kicked up dust as we walked to the stage...

Swaying Under the Stars

Your work boots kicked up dust as we walked to the stage

A band I loved was playing and I took your hand and wove through people until I was satisfied with how close we were

The sun beat down on us and we were both sweaty from the Florida sun

You stood behind me and I kept glancing back at you and see you give me a little smirk

The song I loved came on and I moved my hips and sang along

You wrapped your arms around my waist and rested your head on mine swaying a little with me

When their set was over we got something to drink and returned to our other friends sitting in the grass listening to various bands

I held your hand and rested my head on your shoulder taking in the warm night

When the music picked up my friends and I got up to sing and dance

You sat there and laughed at me jumping around

Finally, the Lumineers came on and you stood up too

The soft music filled the fairgrounds as they sang their ballads

You took me in your arms and we swayed together

I looked up at the stars, then at your smile and could not imagine anywhere I would rather be

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