I thought I was ok
I thought I was ok romance stories

lonelygirljust a gal writing what she can
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I thought I was ok.... but my heart had other plans

I thought I was ok

I thought I was ok.

Those blissful memories we have together cross my mind less and less

But when they do I can't help but feel it in my heart.

I haven't run into you

I haven't run into you Or talked to you

But I still think of you

So when I finally got myself out there to see someone else

Instead of building me up it tore me down

My heart broke again when he kissed me because I could not feel what I felt when you kissed me

Or when he held me

I thought being close to someone else would help me step forward, but it threw me down

All my emotions flooded back

It feels like anything can trigger my tears because I don't know how to handle this

I am unsure how to will my heart to go on

And I can't help but wonder if you're feeling any of what I feel

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