Expiration Dates and Plastic Dinosaurs
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lonelygirl just a gal writing what she can
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Thinking about how last summer's feels might become this summer's

Expiration Dates and Plastic Dinosaurs

It has been nearly a year since we began talking

We are from around the same place, but go to school 1,000 miles apart

We began talking last summer, not sure what we were looking for

The time I spent with you had an expiration date

We would have fun over the summer

We talked every day and I got to know you

I did not want to get attached, but I did

You weren't looking for something serious, but I could tell something was there

The first time we actually met you came to my house and we went to the beach together

We sat in the sand and talked about the things we both enjoyed

I laughed at you because you forgot a bathing suit

You laughed at me because my paper skin got torched by the sun

You found a little plastic dinosaur in the sand

I kept it and it still sits on my desk now

We watched Star Wars together at your house

I met your mom and your siblings, not a typical thing for for a fling

I made you watch Mamma Mia with me even though you hate musicals

You just sipped your wine and laughed as I sang along

I drove to visit you at school before I left

You warned me your were sick, but I didn't care

You held me and we kissed until I finally had to say goodbye

You embraced me strongly into one of those really good hugs

I didn't want to go and we stood there like that for a while

Two semesters have passed and we are back

A new summer

We chatted occasionally throughout the year, but we each did our own thing

A lot can happen in a year

I had my heart broken at school

You became the president of your fraternity

But now we are back

We talk a little bit, but I hope to see you again

The time we spent together was full of laughs and genuine kindness

We both know our time has an expiration date, but I hope to you it would still be worth it

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