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Thoughts about innocent cravings of proximity

Empty Bed

What about an empty bed feel so lonely?

Somewhere that is supposed to be relaxing and comforting can also be one that holds many restless evenings

Why do people crave the closeness of others?

Sharing a bed is so sweet, yet intimate

To welcome someone into your space to coexist with you is not something taken lightly

Being asleep in front of someone makes you completely vulnerable

You're unkempt with sloppy hair

You're unkempt with sloppy hair bare-faced

You might snore or drool

You might snore or drool talk in your sleep

Yet we still want to share this level of intimacy with others

The warmth of the person next to you is comforting for some reason

Hearing their rhythmic breathing next to you

Feeling them turn in their sleep

We crave it

Just to be innocently cared for

Anything to avoid loneliness

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