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lonelydemon The light rejects u so darkness accepts
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By lonelydemon

Lost wheel

when I was eight I used to ride a bicycle. I rode it near the meadows and lakes. I loved it so much. one day the back wheel was a little loose.

I asked my dad but he said it was fine. I didn't believe him you know why?. well when my mom asked if she was beautiful he said yes and their is no one is beautiful than you. but I heard him say you are so beautiful to another woman

I rode it and suddenly the back wheel came off...... I fell from the bicycle and I couldn't find the back wheel. so I came home with a broken bicycle. "well dad what do you say.... it's fine he said. I'm a dumb ass he said"

it's been a year and I ride motorcycle now but I still love bicycles. I couldn't find that wheel I wonder what happened. my mom is now divorced. "well you are gonna be caught soon or later"

by lonelydemon

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