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lonelycloud empty as a person, I am
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does anyone feel me?

I've always...

I've always watched over you —observantly I've always tried to be better —discreetly I've always cared for you —quietly I have always liked the way you are —wholeheartedly

But all this time I never got anywhere What does it feel to be there? What does it feel like to be seen? What does it feel like to be important?

Even so I came this far Inside this heart of mine Grew every pain, failure, and scar Knew, this was the end of the line

I grew sick of not being able to get to you But I don't blame you I just wish that you knew The words my heart want to let through

I've always admired of whom you really are —perfectly So let my presence disappear, like I always detached myself from people's life —elegantly It's time for me to go, so I lay this feelings down —gently

For I've always loved you... —secretly.


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