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lonelycloudempty as a person, I am
Autoplay OFF  •  7 months ago
lets just say, its another entry of the poem i made "Just let me be your music"
and also for my first time ever entry for the challenge "Slow down" hope you like it!

| Waltz

Time ticking on the clock Let us take the walk slow down, the time we will mock Let us enjoy the moment until the last tick-tock

Spinning around the hall You and me at the ball Nothing else matters Dance to my heart's beat forget the foot patterns

Time slow downs We'll dance 'till the clock freezes We'll do what ever we want when it seizes We'll dance until dawn

Slow down, the clock won't strike twelve We got this time for ourselves Right here, Right now There's only you and me

Slow down, it's our time Tomorrow can wait Slow down, and get lost In the music of this dear waltz


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