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I'll always treasure you, second to none

| To my dear future Someone

To my dear future someone I hope you're doing well I'm eager to hear the stories you'll tell The things you've decided and have done

Green, brown, or blue doesn't matter what color your eyes is As long as I can look at them And still see right through you Maybe looking at you feels like a bliss

Red, scarlet, or pink doesn't matter what it should be As long as those lips can smile for me The sweet soothing words from our future chatter Oh, imagine how would that be us together

To my dear future someone I hope you like coffee too 'Cause, I sure do I'll always treasure you, second to none

I'll take you out to dinner Even I don't like going outside Hope you'll love me even from others I differ Make sure to love your every side

I'll cover you with a blanket when you fall asleep When you're sad, in my arms you, I'll keep Take pictures of you doing things I find cute I'll stay faithful and true

Can't wait to feel your warm hugs Can't wait to what your voice sounds like I don't mind giving you a thousand flower buds Introduce you in the things you love and like

To my dear future someone I know I can't give you much But, promises to make you happy, loved and such Brag about you to just about anyone

I'm sure you'll be beautiful like a poem Sweet like morning coffee You'll be perfect like an admirable sunset And I'll be your loving poet

You, I can't wait to meet With these heartfelt feelings, you I'll greet A heartfelt message from me to you Dear future someone... can't wait to tell you, I love you



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