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lonelycloudempty as a person, I am
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may my heart take yours to waltz

| Let Me Be Your Music

Like a maestro; cue music You made my heart pound You conducted the orchestra of my life

Like old songs, I fell inlove with your classic beauty No need for makeup and a dress like an acapella—beauty stands without accompaniment With the sound of your voice—sweetly It's a miracle we met

Changing my tempo You led my life to an allegro Can you hear this heart's beat and rhythm Singing your name out in chorus Let these feelings reach you to a forte

You changed my life from monotone A different music of notes you've shown so please let me be your music as well May my heart take yours to waltz

Make my love your hymn for every interval of every moment we take This feelings dance around the hall full of glim Let it fill you up and forget the heartache

Two heart's duet Let the harmony ring sing the perfect pitch notes in perfect tuning

The music you bring Makes my heart sing To hear, can be therapeutic so let me be your music


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