Snow White's apple
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Snow White's apple

It starts off great

I will fill you with my smiles and laughs

My touch will give you shivers

My kisses will feel like velvet

I'll want you as much as you want me

But when time starts to pass

That's when you will become lost in me

You'll think I'm kissing you with passion

When my lips are really coated in poison

The words " I love you" will mean everything to you

But will only be words to me

You'll get butterflies in your stomach when you see me

But they're really bats

Hearing my voice will make your heart skip

But I can see the blood dripping from your ears

The longer you stay with me

The more I'll tear you apart

Limb from limb

But you won't notice because I'll say all the right things

And you'll believe me

I'll keep you around because I need someone there

But I don't want you

Yet we'll make sweet " love"

I'll cover your body in what you think are hickeys

But they are scars that will last forever

You will be so consumed with me

That you won't even notice my bags are packed

And when I leave I'll say it was you and not me

That will be the last lie that I'll ever tell you

So that when I walk away

I'll be fine

But you will be completely torn

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