Daddy's little girl?
Daddy's little girl? gone stories

loneliestgMy life is nicely shitty...
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The reason for my issues

Daddy's little girl?

You broke me before anyone else had the chance

You tore my heart out

And you stomped on it

Right before my eyes I saw you give up on me

I saw you leave me

I saw you start a new life

With a new wife and kids to feed

But you couldn't feed me...

Yet I sat there

Hungry for your attention

I was your first, your baby girl

I was supposed to be your little princess

I went from hearing your voice every other day to

Nothing at all

From seeing you every other weekend to

Only seeing you at Christmas dinners

You went from being the most important man in my life to

A comparison of a man I'd pass by on the street

I went from seeing men as superheroes to

Thinking that they would all let me down

You destroyed me

You killed all the thoughts I had of a man ever loving me again

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