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londonparisroam Community member
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The constant struggle

They Say

Listen to your body, they say. Your body knows. It's telling you something. And many listen when It says: "Another bite won't hurt" "It can wait until tomorrow" "Let others bear the burden" "You're not young anymore" "No one will notice"

The bloated, the lazy, the rich The addicts, the abusers The seekers of excuses The comfortable ones The ones with wider choices All listen to their bodies.

Listen to your body, they say, And I spit expletives in their faces. I have shelter to provide, mouths to feed. My body listens to me. I say "A few more steps" (Though a thousand may fall short) I say "Dinner will be soon" (While others look for lunch)

Time and I march on. While my peers who listened (When backs and joints and hearts said "Sit") Can now no longer stand I push my body forward With lies and threats. Or silence.

And when one day It says: "It's time" And I find that I agree, I will release my body And my body will release me.

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