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She holds a beauty
Both inside and out.


She holds a beauty Both inside and out. She’s miles away But close in my heart

Wish there was a way To change the situation. She wasn’t in the plan But here she is.

My heart and my mind Feel they are being torn. I know it’s only a dream But I can’t seem to wake.

Reality is full of pain And passion fills my fantasy. I need to reconcile them But I feel too weak.

In my heart I know That she is out of reach. I must work here to mend But my motivation is missing.

I didn’t know what I lacked Till I met her one winter night. Found I didn’t want to leave But life made me.

At home I’m forced to play The role of husband and father In the way that she expects, But there I’m allowed to just be me.

With her I have a freedom And with that I feel happy. Smiles and actions aren’t forced But I must always return.

So here I will remain with A heart torn between worlds. And as my fantasy ultimately fades Only my reality will remain.

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