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Was it all a dream,
My angel, my tigress...


Was it all a dream, My angel, my tigress... It was too good to be true; The kisses and nights of bliss. Surely she wasn’t real;

This girl was too good to me. I’m not worthy of the praise And tenderness she showed. The effect on me was real So it all must have been too.

So I need to move on, right? My head says to “Let go!” But my heart says “No!” A constant war raging on;

Can’t stop thinking of her; And imagining her aside me. But of course she’s not here

Ultimately I know the outcome But doesn’t hurt any less I know at some point My memories may fade Till she becomes...what?

Her impact was so strong How can I imagine forgetting? Is it even possible with this girl? Our moments were brief But for me still very intense

Is writing it down helping Or making it harder to move on? The words keep coming out And I need to let them flow

It isn’t Shakespeare or Keats But it’s what’s in my heart And my heart is the part That needs to be healed

So on and on I continue Till the feeling subsides And I can forget for a moment

And I can forget for a moment The eternal hold this woman; My gypsy woman has over me Till my dying days.

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