Loki X Melissa Part 2
Loki X Melissa

Part 2 fanfiction stories

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They play a game of truth or dare when it's loki's turn he kisses Melissa

Loki X Melissa Part 2

"Well, it's nice to meet you all, obviously I'm Melissa but Mell/Mill is fine and all"

"Okay Mell, shall we show you to you're room now you know us and we know you"

"well sure why not, thank you Tony"

"It's a pleasure Mell, Natasha would you like to show Mell to her room"

" sure, come on Mill lets show you to you're room Mell"

"Okay then"

Melissa and Natasha walk down the hallways to get to her room

*this is the bedroom*

"Wow it's amazing"

"I know right, anyways I'll let you get sorted out and when you're done you can come back down"

"Okay then Nat thx for showing me to my room"

"no problem, I'll see you in a bit" *she walks out the door"

*Melissa sorts her things out after that she goes down to the others"

"Melissa goes back to the others"

"look whos back shall we have a game of truth or dare"

"Sure I'll play a little truth or dare"

*everyone then agrees to play truth or dare"

"Okay, so I'll go first, Tony truth or dare"

"I'll go with dare"

"Okay so Tony I dare you to try and lift Thor's hammer"

"Okay then surely that's going to be easy"

*pretend this is Tony* Tony tries lifting the hammer but doesn't lift it

*everyone giggles at Tony trying to lift the hammer*

"Okay, alright guys"

" alright sorry Tony"

"It's okay, anyways Loki truth or dare"

"I'll chose dare"

"Okay I dare you to kiss someone"

*he goes up to Melissa and kisses her on the lips then after 5 seconds he pulls back*

*gets a little flashback after the kiss*

The flashback of Melissa's boyfriend hurting her

*looks at everyone trying to hold back tears* "I'm sorry everyone" *she gets up and leaves, as soon as she's out of everyone's sight that's when she starts crying*

*looks at her upset then looks at everyone* "what did I do" *gets up to go talk to her*

*Loki walks to Melissa's room to see if she is okay, pretend he's upset whilst walking*

Part 3 is coming soon, thank you for reading and comment down below if you'd like another part to this

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