For the love of girls
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Chapter one, of an lgbt love story. The lies, the deceit and most importantly the love.

For the love of girls

So, here we are a usual Friday at college 9am- 4pm. The routine of every single day, artwork, lunch and more artwork.

The unbridled nagging of distant teachers, demanding silence and demeaning everyones confidence. You’d think they’d be stiffled with tiredness by now.

However, although this day started like all the rest. It wouldn’t end like all the rest. It wasn’t just any other day.

The clocks strike 3pm, the time I’ve been waiting for since I woke up. “One more hour” I think to myself. “Just one more hour till I can see her”, minutes become extremely slow as if by magic.

I stared at my bag on a wooden school chair. I start to recall the list of items I bought with me.

The list starts as follows: Clothes Toothbrush Money Charger

Subconsciously, starting with the least valuable item.

The most important item I had bought with me; I carried in my pocket the entire day for good luck. I had made it on a trip in the fall, a heart with the words “I love you” engraved on the side.

My thoughts soon trailed, in what seemed like an eternity. One minute felt like five. The whole day I was fuelled by excitement, love and nerves.

Soon, I thought. Soon, I can see those beautiful brown eyes in reality. Soon, I can touch her soft hands and caress her body in these hands of mine. Soon, soon, soon.

I knew I wasn’t the most beautiful woman, or the most perfect. But I did know, the only woman who made me feel this way was her. There’s no one who made me smile more than this woman, single-handedly.

As I started to think about, the countless hours we had spent on the phone, one of us eventually falling asleep because we could never leave with a goodbye.

My friend snaps me back into reality for just a moment, so I could read through her work.

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