Toxic love
Toxic love  love stories

locococoCommunity member
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a rare type of love

Toxic love

There is this type of love

unhealthy but healthy

there is this love

where you don’t want to let go

not because of anything but because….

you just can’t let go

even when your heart sinks, melts or at most cases shatters

you still can't let go

your friends say, move on it's not worth it

you deserve better, you’ll find happiness somewhere else

but they don’t understand this type of love

this rare kind,

this fulfilling love

one that brings peace and happiness to you

one that lights up your day, one that leaves u speechless and breathless.

how can such a type of love bring such happiness,

how can such a love bring joy while you’re hurting

this kind of love has no answer

the question lies in the name

Toxic love

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