Spider Man’s My Neighbor Chapter 5: Tony Stark By: lochness8
Spider Man’s My Neighbor 
Chapter 5: Tony Stark

By: lochness8  peter parker-spider man- avengers- tony stark stories

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Please read them in order!! Tony Stark comes in this chapter :)

Spider Man’s My Neighbor Chapter 5: Tony Stark By: lochness8

*Waverley Charleston’s POV* I woke up the next day smiling, remembering last night. “Why are you so happy?” Dad asks me as I grab an apple. “Nothing.” I smirk to myself.

“Well hopefully this doesn’t rub the smile off you face but there was an emergency at the hospital and your mom and I will be there all night, your mom already left for the hospital.” Dad says slipping his shoes on. “It’s fine.” I reassure. “You sure kid?” “Yep.” I say.

“At least let me drop you off to school.” He says. “It’s fine dad, I was gonna skateboard anyways.” I say. “Ok bye Waves.” Dad says kissing my forehead. He leaves and I grab my skateboard and climb through my window to Peter’s. “Good morning.” He smiles.

“Good morning Parker.” I smirk. I immediately blush but so does Peter. “Hey could you tell me the formula you used to make my webs stronger?” Peter asks me. “Yeah sure, we have bio today so I’ll write it down for you.” I say.

“Thanks Wave, I’m going to thank you by taking you out tonight.” Peter winks. “Ok I’ll count you on that.” I say. “I’ll pick you up around 7:30, unless I’m cutting into your bedtime.” He laughs. “Oh shut up, dress formal?” I ask. “Yep.” He says.

*** After school I change into a black dress with tights and I leave my hair in its curls. I stare at my makeup bag. I grab a lip gloss and put it on.

I heard the door knock at exactly 7:30 pm. I answer it and Peter is there with a bouquet of roses and he’s wearing a black suit looking really handsome. “Wow you look...beautiful.” He stutters. “Thanks. You look really nice.” I say. “These are for you.” He says handing me the roses.

“They’re beautiful.” “They reminded me of a special someone.” He winked. I blush and set them on the counter. “So are you ready?” He asks. “Yep.” I say. He smiles and takes my hand, he intertwines our fingers.

“So where are we going?” I ask. “Well knowing how low budget we are, I was going to take you to a movie and then we can have dinner at the park.” He says.

“That honestly sounds perfect.” I say. “Thank god.” He says relieved. When we arrive at a movie theater he purchases tickets to a horror movie. Peter and I purchase popcorn and we decide to share a soda since they were extremely overpriced.

“Nice middle seats!” I say. Peter and I sit side by side and chat until the movie starts. “Thanks again for this.” I say. “Thanks for everything you do for me Waves.” He says. I plant a kiss on his lips and the movie starts.

Throughout the movie when a sudden movement happened I found myself unconsciously grabbing Peter’s arm. He found it cute but I poked him every time he said “you’re so cute you know that?”.

“Ow what was that for?” He said cutely. “Shut up and watch the movie.” I smirked. Peter warped his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder.

*** “It’s funny that you’re dropping me at my door when we literally climb into each other’s windows.” I smirk. “I’m doing my best okay, this is my first date.” Peter laughs.

“Mine too.” I say stopping at my door. Peter looked at me and smiled. “Thanks for taking me I had a great time, I’d love to do it again sometime, it doesn’t even need to be a movie, a simple picnic in the park would be more than enough.” I say.

“I’m glad you had a great time.” Peter says wrapping his arms around my waist. He leans down and kisses me. After awhile we break apart. “See you in the morning Parker.” “See you Charleston.” He winks leaving.

I enter my deserted home and take a shower and head to bed. *** “That is a sick car.” Peter says looking at the expensive sports car parked outside our apartment building.

“Probably someone’s rich uncle.” I smirk. “Aunt May made cookies wanna come over, we can do homework at my place.” “Chocolate chips?” “Yep.” Peter says. “Ok I’m in.” I say. Peter laughs and opens the door.

He slips his hand in mine and we walk into the kitchen only to stop dead in our tracks. Tony. Stark. Was sitting on the sofa.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” I ask Peter. “I can assure you Ms Charleston, I am real.” Tony Stark says walking over and shaking my hand. “It’s an honor to meet you.” I say lost for words.

“I get that a lot.” He chuckles. He shakes Peter’s hand. “Nice to meet you Mr Parker.” “Wait how do you know who we are?” I ask. “Because you applied for the Stark Internship.” He says winking vigorously.

“Ohh right.” Peter plays along. “Can I borrow these two for a moment?” Stark asks. “Yes of course.” Aunt May says. Peter walks us to his bedroom and Stark locks the door.

“Okay I know for a fact that I didn’t apply for any internship.” I say crossing my arms. “I second that.” Peter says. Tony pulls out his phone and it’s a video of spider man. “Is that you?” He asks Peter. “No.” He answers.

“If you found that on YouTube it’s fake.” I say crossing my arms. Tony gives me the side eye. Tony starts walking around the room and pulls something and Peter’s suit falls from the ceiling. He quickly grabs it and throws it in the laundry basket.

“That was my Halloween consume.” He lies. “So you’re spider kid? Spider boy? Crime fighting spider?” “Spider man.” Peter sighs. “Peter!” I nudge. “What?” “Why did you tell him!” I whisper yell.

“What kind of dumb excuse could I make!” He protests. “Hello back to me!” Tony says. Tony points his finger at me. “You. Charlie.” “Charleston.” I correct.

“Charlie. You help Peter, your like his side kick, you help with the behind the scenes kind of stuff right.” Tony says. “I am not his side kick, I helped him with his web formulas one time. Wait how do you know that?!” I squint. “Have you been spying on us?” Peter asks.

“Yeah, third row seat D in the movie theater.” Tony says. This man stalked us on our date. “You two make a cute couple.” He adds. I blush furiously as does Peter. “Why are you here?” Peter says. “I am here because I need your help. When can you come to Germany?”

*** I sat on my bed staring at the window. Peter taps the glass and awakes me from my trance. He slides the window open and sits beside me. “Hey.” He says facing me. “So your really going?” I ask sadly.

“Yeah.” He answers. I hide my tears and face the wall. “When will you be back?” I ask. “Hopefully by next week, if not then well soon.” He answers. “Peter it’s really dangerous and I don’t like the idea of you going.” I say shaking.

Peter wraps his arms around me. “Waverley listen-look.” He says lifting my chin up to meet his eyes. “I’ll be fine. I don’t want you to worry and I’ll be home really soon and then I’ll take you out again to another pathetic movie.” He smirks hiding his sadness.

“If you die I’ll kill you.” I say. “Sounds good Wave.” He says leaning down and kissing me. Suddenly Peter’s phone rings and we break apart. “It’s Mr Stark I have to go.” He says sadly. I feel tears fall from my eyes and Peter wipes them away.

“Waverley I’ll call you.” He says. “Okay.” I cry. He kisses me again and then he holds my hands. “Bye Wave.” He says with his voice cracking. I wave goodbye and he jumps out my window.

End Of Chapter 5 Hope you liked it please comment me what you think! :) Laters

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