One Direction x Reader Spiders By: lochness8
One Direction x Reader


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If you’re a one direction fan this is for you! :)

One Direction x Reader Spiders By: lochness8

“LIAM DONT MOVE!” Zayn yells from the other room. “Mate calm down!” Liam yells back. You curiously stop writing down the lyrics for the next song and walk into the room where Zayn is on top of the coffee table.

“What is bloody going on?” Loui asks walking in behind you. “NOBODY MOVE A MUSCLE!” Zayn yells. “What?” Niall asks walking in with Harry. “Zayn is freaking out over something.” You update Harry and Niall.

“There was a spider.” Zayn says. “Is this why we’re all here?” Loui says annoyed and slightly amused. “It was huge.” Zayn says. “THERE!” Loui jumps in your arms bridal style. He looks at you awkwardly and jumps back to the floor.

“Heheh Umm where exactly Zayn?” Loui says laughing awkwardly. “Loui give me your shoe.” Liam signals. “What?! Bloody no way these are my new adidas! Use your own shoe!” He says protectively.

“Here take my shoe.” Niall offers. “I’m not touching your shoe. It’s probably stuffed with Nandos.” Liam says. “Hey!” Niall yells. “Oh my GOD just give me the bloody shoe!” You yell taking the shoe from Niall.

You creep around the room trying to find the sofa. “THERE!” Harry yells. You turn and throw the shoe at the spider. It dies. “See it wasn’t that hard.” You cross your arms.

Zayn reluctantly gets Down from the coffee table.

Hope you liked it, do you want me to post more and if so I’m taking requests!! Laters

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