Misunderstood Chapter 8: Natasha Romanoff (A Loki Fanfiction) By: lochness8
Chapter 8: Natasha Romanoff 
(A Loki Fanfiction)

By: lochness8  loki-marvel-avengers-fanfiction stories

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Natasha finds out about Clint abandoning his mission. Another Loki flashback, hope you liked it.

Misunderstood Chapter 8: Natasha Romanoff (A Loki Fanfiction) By: lochness8

Please read the chapters in order Thank you

Amora Aurelia’s POV * “I apologize for the long ride. They don’t call it a safe house for nothing.” He grins unlocking the door. His property was enormous. “You live here by yourself?” I inquire.

“Yeah.” He says closing the door behind me. The place was bigger inside. “Let me show you your room so you can freshen up.” He says walking up the stairs. I follow behind him there were at least seven bedroom in this hallway. Clint opens a door which had a pretty large room. Smaller than my chambers in Asgard of course but still grand.

“Bathroom’s behind that door.” He says pointing to the door across from my bed. He walked towards what I assumed were his chambers. After a minute he came back with blue jeans, a couple white shirts and some flannels. “Hopefully these will fit you?” He laughs handing me his clothes.

“Thanks, for everything.” I say. He smiles. “I’m not one to kill murder wizards.” He says jokingly. I raise my brows confused. “You don’t want to know.” He smirks walking away. I close my door and head into the shower. I cleaned off all the ashes, blood and scabs. I dried my sore body and put on the oversized yet comfy clothes.

I combed through my long dark wavy hair not recognizing myself. “It’s funny how you can change completely in a matter of days.” I say sadly looking at my reflection. I didn’t look like an Asgardain anymore.

* I sipped my drink watched the Asgardians dance in the hall. Loki had asked to escort me to this ceremony, he did, but I couldn’t find him now. I smiled watching Thor having fun with his friends laughing about something.

My eyes fall on something walking towards me. Loki smirks making eye contact. “Where were you? I presumed you left.” I say giving him the cold shoulder. “I wouldn’t leave you like that darling.” He says defense in his voice. I finish my drink and set the empty glass on the table. “I want to show you something.” He smiles mischievously.

“Loki we’re in the middle of a ceremony can’t it wait?” I ask crossing my arms. “No.” He says chuckling. “It seems like I don’t have a choice.” I say. Loki smirks and takes my hand leading me away from the ceremony. He lets go of my hand and walks behind me covering my eyes. “Loki! Stop it!” I say stopping in my tracks. His cold hands cover my eyes shut.

“It’s part of a surprise.” He stresses. “You said you wanted to show me something?” I question. “Yes I want to show you the surprise which I planned when I abandoned you at the ceremony.” He recaps. “Are we on the same page now?” He chuckles. “I don’t think we’re in the same book, but by all means carry on.” I say.

Loki chuckles making me walk forward. I trip over my dress and Loki catches me. “Loki!” I yell annoyed. “Darling I won’t let you fall. Why must you think so little of me?” He laughs. I felt a cold breeze. Loki slowly sits me down on the ground and uncovers my eyes. I open my eyes and see an elegant picnic laying in front of me.

“Oh wow.” I say looking at the floating candles and starry sky. “It’s beautiful.” I smile. Loki smiles back. “I’m glad you liked it darling.” He says taking my hand. “I thought you’d like it better than that loud ceremony.” He says eating slowly. “Much better.” I smile I lean forward to kiss him softly.

* I toss and turn waking up tangled in cotton sheets. I rise from the strange bed not remembering where I was. All the memories from yesterday play back in my head, killing Dr Walker, blowing up the police department, and Clint taking me under his wing.

I rubbed my temples feeling foggy. I swing my legs over the bed and start walking across the cold floor. I head into the bathroom and freshen up. I slowly walk down the steps and met with an amazing smell coming from the kitchen. “Good morning.” Clint says holding a plate towards me. “Good morning.” I reply taking the plate.

“So how did you sleep?” He asks sitting across from me. “Better than I’ve slept in weeks-you made this?” I ask biting into the eggs again. “Yup.” He admits sipping out of a mug. “Well I’m going out back for some archery practice, holler if you need me.” He says standing up with a black bow in hand.

I observe him shoot arrows from outside the window. He never missed, always a bullseye. * Clint Barton’s POV 3 Days Later * I watched as Amora cleaned her dishes quietly humming to something.

“Do you want to put on some tv? I’ll join you later.” I say heading towards the home office. Ever since I took Amora in, my reports have been piling up, which Furry wasn’t too pleased about. “Ok.” She replies grabbing the remote. Yesterday I had taught her how to flip channels and explained that the “contraption” is called a remote and that it is not a weapon.

She changes the channel to the news. “Dr.Walkers-“ I sprint towards the tv and turn it off. She stares at the black screen lost in thoughts. “Maybe watching tv wasn’t a good idea.” I sigh in defeat. “I don’t think your planet will forgive me that easily.” She laughs dryly. “Yes you’ll learn that we hold grudges but, look kid.” I say sitting down beside her.

“I’m not good with heart to heart talks but You’ll learn to control it.” I reassure. “It’s not that easy Clint.” She says facing her palm out. A small light appears out of her hand, I assume it’s her magic. “The only person who can help me control it is-“ “Is what?” I ask.

Amora doesn’t respond. “Is gone.” She says after a couple minutes. She wraps her arms around her body. “I’m sorry kid.” I say. “Yeah me too.” She says. * 2 am * I roll in bed trying to find sleep but clearly can’t.

I groan and look at my alarm which reads 2:45 A.M. I sit up in bed and grab my robe. “I admit defeat sleep.” I mutter heading downstairs. I open the fridge and grab an apple, today was exhausting. “So you actually did it?” I scream hitting the counter in the process.

I moan in pain and clutch my foot. I meet Nat’s amused eyes. “You can’t just break into my house like that. It’s trespassing and illegal.” I muse. “There’s no security system or sign stopping me, or fence, dog...” she trails smiling. “Well I didn’t think someone would break into an assassin’s home.” I say. “Good point.” She says walking towards me.

“Why are you here Nat?” I ask pulling out a chair. “Where is he Clint?” She says. “First of all,” I sigh. “It’s a she, and she’s upstairs sleeping so if you’d keep it quiet I’d really appreciate it.” I snap. “You were sent to kill her, you can’t just abort a mission like that.” Nat says.

“I didn’t abort the mission.” I yell. Nat narrows her eyes. “So this was your plan take a murderer under your wing?” I turn around and meet Amora’s teary eyes. “What is going on here?” She asks venomously. “Amora I don’t know what you heard but-“

“You were sent here to kill me?” She states aggravated. “No it’s not like that.” I ease walking towards her. She holds her hands up defensively. “He’s not going to hurt you.” Nat states deathly calm walking towards her. I put my arm in front of her stopping her from reaching Amora. “We’re not here to hurt you kid.” I say staring into her eyes.

“You just said otherwise.” She spits. “My boss, well our boss.” I say looking at Nat for backup. “You were on his radar and threats are on his radar.” I explain softly. “But you’re not a threat.” Nat state. Amora raises a questioning brow. “But you were sent to kill me.” She says. “Was. Not anymore he’s not.” Nat says.

I shoot her a grateful smile. “Why.” Amora asks stepping back. “Because kid you’re not a threat. You just need a little help.” I smile softly. “And we’re going to help you through it.” I say. Amora softens her gaze slightly. “Lets get you some water.” Nat says taking her hand. Amora gives me a small smile.

I follow them into the kitchen turning the lights on. “You know Nat I would’ve appreciated it if we had this little meet and greet at an appropriate hour.” I say pouring myself some coffee. “3:37 isn’t?” Nat jokes handing Amora her glass. “Why don’t you read my face and tell me.” I say giving her a look.

Nat turns to Amora who had her hands around her glass staring absentmindedly outside.

“So where did you come from Amora.” Nat asks. “Asgard, it’s one of the nine realms.” She says not taking her eyes off of the field. “Do you know Thor?” Nat asks. I look up interested. “Yes....wait...how do you know Thor?” She asks finally facing us. “He was just here last month.” Nat says looking at me confused by Amora’s sudden interest.

“Last month has it been that long?” She mutters to herself. She looks up suddenly. “Where is Thor? Where is he? I request to speak with him immediately.” Amora says in a rush. “Woah woah kid!” I perk. “He left, he’s back at Asbarg.” “Asgard.” “That’s what I said.” I say sipping my coffee.

Amora studies the floor boards. “He took him back?” She says softly to herself. Nat shares a look with me. “He took him back.” She says contently leaning against a chair.

End of chapter 8 Hope you enjoyed it Later

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