Misunderstood Chapter 6: 754 Kills (A Loki Fan Fiction) By: lochness8
Chapter 6: 754 Kills
(A Loki Fan Fiction)

By: lochness8  loki-marvel-avengers-thor-fan fiction stories

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Intense chapter, flashbacks and a look into what Loki is up to...please feel free to comment your thoughts below I like hearing what you guys have to say :)

Misunderstood Chapter 6: 754 Kills (A Loki Fan Fiction) By: lochness8

Please read the chapters in order or they will make no sense Thank you! On with the story :)

Amora Aurelia’s POV * I stare at the man sitting in front of me, not breaking eye contact. They had given me proper clothes. Grey pants and a black top. It was too big and itchy but it was better than the paper gown. “Where did you come from.” The man says.

I stare at him tight lipped. “I’m only going to ask one more time, where did you come from!” He says more sternly. “Asgard.” I reply lightly. “Excuse me?” “I told you, you wouldn’t believe me if I did.” I sigh running a hand through my curly hair. “Asgard the mythological place?” He questions.

My light olive skin was pale from exhaustion. “What is your full name?” He asks uninterested.

“Amora Aurelia.” I say. The man jots it down. “Why did you kill Dr Walker.” He asks out of the blue. “It was an accident.” “Murder isn’t an accident kid. It’s a serious crime.” He says. “I told you I had no control over it!” I bark back.

The man stays silent and walks out the door leaving me in the white room by myself. I throw my head back in annoyance. * “Darling I got you something-“ he stops in mid sentence looking at the terrible sight of me. I was sprawled on the floor knee to chest sobbing.

Loki rushed over to me and held me in his cold arms. “Who did this to do, I swear I’ll kill them.” He says softly yet venomously. I sob into his chest and he cradles me closely. “I’m a danger Loki. I can’t control it. I can’t control my magic and, I keep messing up.” I spiral. Loki strokes my hair trying to calm me.

“Darling look at me. You’re not a danger.” He says wiping my tears away. “But Loki-“ “Amora you are not a danger. You just need to learn how to control your emotions love.” He pauses. “And once you’ve gotten that controlled your magic will slowly calm down as well.” He says rubbing circles on my back.

I wipe my face with my hands and stare at the window. “I’m sorry I ruined our evening.” I whisper. “You didn’t ruin anything pet.” He smiles softly. “Come on let’s go to the kitchens and get you something to eat.” He says helping me stand. “Thank you Loki.” I say meeting his vivid eyes. “Anything for you darling.” He says kissing me softly.

* The door opens knocking me out of my flashback. I glare at the two men stalking towards me. I felt shivers down my spin, they were heavily armed. Without warning they violently grab my arms, without second thought I send a wave of high energy through them, they crash into the cement wall which was covered in their blood.

All of a sudden booming alarm sounds ring. I cover my ears and scream. More men and women come into the room with their weapons pointed towards me. “Stand down!” A man yells. I try to stand but it was too difficult. I tried to channel my emotion but I could hear Loki’s voice in my ear “I don’t need you.” I could see his face.

I closed my eyes and feel my knees wobble. I feel myself falling, when my knees hit the floor a numerous amount of energy radiates off of me and into the entire building. All of the men and women drop dead. I look at all the blood and gore in fear. I dash towards the door, the alarm was gone and the only sound was of my heavy breathing.

I ran towards the nearest room and opened it finding five people dead. The next room, six more, seven more, twenty more. I ran towards the window and jumped out landing in a bush. I stare at the deathly quiet building. “I’m sorry.” I whisper wiping the tears from my eyes.

* Loki Laufeyson’s POV * I slowly rose from my throne and made my way down the oh so familiar halls. I used to walk down these halls everyday, they lead to Amora’s chambers.

I needed to speak with her to tell her that I didn’t mean it and if she would take me back. It’s been four days and she hasn’t run into me. I stop in front of her door and raise my hand to knock gently. I ran a hand through my hair nervously.

After a minute of waiting she doesn’t open the door. “Amora I know you’re upset with me.” I trail. “But can I come in?” I ask. No reply. I twist the cool door handle to find the room pitch dark, I open the blinds and find the room clean. The bed made the closet clean. “Amora?” I ask lightly.

After searching the entire room I sat on her bed in defeat. She left. Just like that, she packed up and left her entire life because of me, and I was far too late to change her mind.

End Of Chapter 6 Hoped you liked it Please comment your thoughts below The story gets better I promise Later

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