Loki 24/7 Chapter 9: Snow (A Loki Fan Fiction) By: lochness8
Loki 24/7
Chapter 9: Snow
(A Loki Fan Fiction)

By: lochness8  loki-avengers-tony stark-hawkeye stories

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Short but at least it’s an update?! Please let me know what you guys think!

Loki 24/7 Chapter 9: Snow (A Loki Fan Fiction) By: lochness8

*5 Months Later Dylan Anderson’s POV* I run up to the window and watch the snow fall down. It look amazing. I always loved the snow. I feel two arms snake around my waist and I feel Loki chuckle.

“Loki you scared me.” I say crossing my arms. “Sorry Darling. Why are you staring outside?” He asks looking at the snow. “Nothing I just love the snow.” I say. Loki smiles. “What’re you two talking about?” Clint asks walking into the room.

“Snow.” I say looking at it. “Ah your secret obsession.” Clint smirks. “It’s not a secret obsession Katniss. I just enjoy snow.” I defend. “Dork.” Tony yells from the kitchen. “Shut up! You’re a nerd!” I yell back. I start walking to my room and Loki grabs my wrist.

“Where are you going love?” He asks concerned. “I’m getting my jacket so I can go outside.” I say grabbing my winter jacket. “May I join you?” He asks sweetly. “Yes of course.” I say pecking his lips.

* “Darling you aren’t dressed warm enough.” Loki says giving me his hat. “Loki you’re suffocating me!” I say ripping his scarf off my neck. “Dylan you’ll get sick!” He stresses. “Loki I’ll be fine.” I say adjusting my jacket.

“But pet-“ “If you guys keep arguing then-“ “We’re not arguing. Loki is being a protective boyfriend.” I say cutting off Nat. “And what is wrong with that?” Loki asks crossing his arms.

“Nothing! Come on!” I say dragging him in the elevator. Once we reach the ground floor I run down the lobby and collapse in the snow. “I guess Barton was right about your obsession.” Loki chuckles. I throw snow at Loki and he flinches.

“It’s not an obsession!” I yell. Loki smirks. * “Why are you two back so early?” Steve asks. “Dylan thought it was a good idea to sled down the stairs and almost got hit by a car.” Loki informs.

“I didn’t think it was going to work!” I defend. “I forget your a shield agent sometimes.” Tony says. “I get that a lot.” I smirk sitting down. “Drink this love.” Loki says handing me a cup of hot chocolate.

“Thank you.” I smile. Loki kisses me. “You guys are way too adorable.” Tony says. I smile at Loki and he ruffles my hair.

End Of Chapter 9 Shortest chapter ever sorry! Update is coming soon! Please comment me what you think :) Laters

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