Loki 24/7 Chapter 11: 1,000 Roses (A Loki Fan Fiction) By: lochness8
Loki 24/7
Chapter 11: 1,000 Roses
(A Loki Fan Fiction)

By: lochness8  loki-tony-avengers-marvel stories

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Sorry for the long update! I’ll post more frequently I’m sorry I had exams!!

Loki 24/7 Chapter 11: 1,000 Roses (A Loki Fan Fiction) By: lochness8

Please read the chapters in order! Happy Holidays!

Dylan Anderson’s POV 2 Days Later * Training with Steve was so tiring and all I wanted to do was shower and take a 46 hour nap. I open my bedroom door and see it covered in roses.

Literally everything is covered in rich red roses. “Whoever had the audacity to do this.” I say turning to face the Avengers. “Will get executed personally by me.” I threat. I see Nat holding back a laugh. “Really Nat I thought you were beyond that.” I sigh.

“Let me go get my weapon of desire.” I sigh spinning on my heel only to bump into my least favorite person. The greasy god of pranks. “Do you mind?” I snark. “Did you like the roses?” Loki smirks. “You!” I say with bitter. “Don’t move let me grab my sharpest knife!” I yell.

“This was not meant to be an act of war!” Loki panics. “You never know with her! She’s a broken thermostat!” Tony yells running towards me. “Did you just insult me by comparing me to a thermostat?” I ask confused. “Kid don’t kill him!” Tony pleads.

“You don’t know what he did.” I spat. “Stark you stupid man! You said show how much she means to me and now she wants to murder me!” Loki yells.

“Most women aren’t this hostile!” Tony says. “Why are you insulting me? Do you really want me to break your suit?” I threat. “JARVIS! LOCK THE LAB!” Tony yells.

“What is going on.” I sigh massaging my temples. “I’m trying to apologize!” Loki stresses. “Hm...okay. What are you apologizing for?” I smirk knowing he has no clue. “For um what I did that day.” He replies. “Which day there are so many.” I sigh sarcastically.

“Darling please!” Loki pleads gabbing my hands. “I can’t bare this anymore!” Loki pleads. “Kid you’ve broke the mad man.” Tony sighs walking away.

“Loki please go.” I sigh. “Darling but I love you.” He stutters. I feel my heart stop-so cliche right. No one has ever said that to me before.

“If you love me then why don’t you want to take me to Asgard to meet your parents?” I ask crossing my arms. “Oh darling is this what this is about.” Loki sighs disappointingly. “Loki you acted like a real jerk. You hurt me.” I say.

“Darling I think you misunderstood what I had spoken. I want you to meet my family, just not my father, he thinks little of Midgardians.” Loki explains softly. I feel my eyebrows lift. “Oh.” I gasp.

“I’m not ashamed of you darling and you shouldn’t be either. I love you.” Loki says cupping my face with his cold hands. “I’m sorry I was stupid to think that-“ Loki cuts me off by kissing me.

After awhile we break apart and he smiles at me. “Don’t apologize darling it was my fault.” He smiles.

“No I played a role too.” I say. Loki chuckles softly. “You’re going to clean the roses up though right?” I ask. “Of course love, but after can we please watch one of the films you like.” He asks sweetly.

“Of course.” I smirk heading to the kitchen to heat up some popcorn. Loki heads to my room to clean up the 1,000 bouquets he had gotten me. “You know Loki really loves you.” Nat says once he’s gone. I smirk and grab four large bowls of popcorn.

One filled with butter, one filled with salt and one filled with caramel. I feel two arms snake around my waist from behind and see Loki. “Make more of the caramel kind love.” Loki asks. “On it. You cleaned my room already?” I ask.

“Darling there is something called magic.” He laughs. “Oh right.” I say stupidly. I grab another bowl of caramel popcorn and snuggle beside Loki on the sofa. He throws a blanket over us and I start playing Jurassic Park.

I would whisper the iconic lines throughout the movie which probably made me look like a utter dork but every time I did Loki chuckled and that’s really all that mattered.

* “I don’t understand how you two can watch four two hour movies in one sitting.” Clint observers. “It’s Jurassic Park what do you expect.” Loki says matter of factly.

“You two are the biggest dorks.” Bruce sighs setting down his book. “You have 7 PhD’s shut up.” Clint retorts. “I’m not a dork I’m smart.” Bruce defends. “No you’re a raging green monster.” Tony calls from the kitchen.

“HEY! That raging green monster and beat you in your little tin can suit!” Bruce yells. “For the LAST TIME IT’s IORN!” Tony yells. I sigh agitated and pause the movie. “Will you two shut up or take it outside!” I yell. “No I wanna do it right here.” Tony says.

“For the LOVE of god Tony.” I sigh. I glare at Tony. “Let’s take this outside Bruce so more civilians can witness this!” Tony yells. They both dash down the stairs. “Honestly.” I sigh sitting beside Loki. “It’s alright darling they’re...well-“ “Idiots.” I interrupt.

“I was going to say children but that also fits their description.” Loki agrees. I press play and we continue to watch the movies. * “Well I guess that’s it.” I say turning the tv off. Loki stares at the blank screen.

“I know that’s the end of the wonderful series.” I smirk. “Now I know why you’re addicted to these things.” Loki smirks. “You aren’t supposed to make fun of me! That’s everyone else’s job.” I roll my eyes.

Loki chuckles and ruffles my hair. “I’m going to bed darling.” Loki says standing up. “Ok I have some paper work to finish up and then I’ll hit the pillows.” I say. Loki furrows his brows.

“Darling why would you take such violent actions towards the pillows? What have they done to you beside offer comfort during rest?” Loki asks. I laugh. “It’s an expression. After I’ll finish my work I’ll sleep.” I smirk.

“Ok darling.” Loki chuckles. “I love you Dylan.” He says. “I love you too.” I say. He smirks and kisses my goodnight. I collapse on my desk and start tackling all my work.

End Of Chapter 11 Please comment me what you guys think! Happy Holidays!

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