Kidnapped By Loki Chapter 22: Monster By: lochness8
Kidnapped By Loki
Chapter 22: Monster

By: lochness8  loki-avengers-bucky-iorn man-nick furry stories

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Goodbyes and cell mates. Please be caught up with the other chapters before reading this! Enjoy :)

Kidnapped By Loki Chapter 22: Monster By: lochness8

**two hours before** Tony’s POV I watched as they dragged Everly’s lifeless body out of the tower. I can’t believe Furry. He had installed cameras in the tower ever since Loki leaked information about Everly.

Steve and Bucky were knocked out on the floor, both of them were injected with serum that made them pass out. I couldn’t fight all those agents by myself, they strapped me to a chair, as pathetic as it sounds.

“You’re not going to get away with this!” I yell. Furry gives me a side look. “Mr Stark she is a danger to society.” Furry responds. “You’re a danger to society.” I spat. Furry glares at me with his one eye.

“I don’t want to make this more difficult for you. Everly is going to have a cell, and will be kept there for observation.” Furry says. “Don’t take her, we will take care of her!” I yell.

Furry clicks his tongue in dismay and turns on his heel. “I’m not done with you yet!” I yell. I watch them drag Everly down the elevator. I try and get out of the chair I’m strapped in but I can’t.

*Nick Furry’s POV* “Sir we have no other cells available.” Agent Hills reports. “Then keep her in Loki’s.” I reply. Agent Hill’s eyes grow wide but she obeys me.

Loki meets my eyes. “What happened to her?” He asks. “She’s a monster, just like you.” I reply. Loki’s eyes show rage. “She’s not a monster!” He yells.

“She almost burned down a whole tower.” I yell back. Loki closes his mouth and watches as the agents lift Everly into his cell, she was still passed out.

*Present Time* Everly’s POV I wipe my tears and avoid Loki’s stare. I can’t believe this, he decides now that he loves me? What is wrong with him. If only he didn’t push me away when he needed help. I would’ve still been with him.

The door opens and I look up and see Bucky walking in. I run to the edge of the cell and Bucky runs towards me. “Bucky...” I say. “Everly I’m so sorry. The Avengers are talking to Furry, trying to get you out.” Bucky says.

“No.” I respond. Bucky raises his brows. “Eve?” “I can’t go, I heard Furry, I’m a monster, I can’t be left in society. I don’t want to hurt you, or anyone.” I say. Bucky looks hurt.

“But Everly-“ “Bucky we all know this is best for me.” I begin. “It’s not. I can help you. I’m the Winter Solider, I am also a danger to society. I can help you.” He says. I sadly smile at him.

“Bucky you should go, it will make this goodbye easier.” I say. “No. I don’t want to say goodbye.” He probes. “Bucky.” I say tears filling my eyes. I see Bucky’s eyes get shinny and he touches the glass which separates our hands.

“Goodbye Evie.” He says. “Bye Bucky.” I say my voice cracking. Bucky walks to the door and looks back. When he leaves I start crying and Loki stares at me. “Everly you’re not a monster.” Loki says suddenly.

I meet his beautiful green eyes. “I am.” I say. Loki comes to sit beside me. “You’re not. You’re just powerful. Magic is a beautiful thing, in the wrong hands it’s dangerous, but not in your hands.” Loki says.

I pull my sleeves over my hands. “I’m sorry about what I said earlier, I never should have said that I loved you, it was the wrong time.” Loki says. I wait a long time before I answer. “It’s ok.” I reply.

“So no furniture hm?” I say looking around the boring cell. “No, I learned to sleep lying on the hard ground and in a sitting position.” Loki remarks sarcastically. “Can’t you conjure a mattress or something?” I say.

“No this cell prevents magic.” He says. “So what do you do all day?” I say. “Nothing, brooding mostly.” He smirks. Brooding. “How long do you think we will be stuck here for?” I ask.

“For life probably.” He jokes. I try conjuring a bottle water but nothing happens, my hands and eyes turn purple but nothing else. Loki brings his fingers to the tips of my curls. “Everly I didn’t know you dyed your hair..” he says.

“What?” “The tips of your hair are purple.” He answers. I look in the reflection of the glass and see what he is talking about. My hair is purple, well the tips.

“Yay more changes.” I remark. Loki dryly laughs. “I like it, it looks cool.” He says. I look at him for a moment. How did he manage to stay so flawless in this cell. “Thank you.” I reply.

“This cell is freezing.” I remark. I tuck my knees into my chest. “Sorry about that. As a Frost Giants I tend to make magic less environments cold.” Loki says.

“It’s fine. You can’t control it.” I remark. Loki smirks slightly.

*Loki’s POV* After hours and hours of small conversation and witty remarks Everly grew sleepy. I watched as she unconsciously leaned on my shoulder. Her head slowly fell onto my lap.

I smiled at her peaceful sleeping face. It was cute. I kept my hand on her hair. She didn’t seem to hate me as much. I did notice the way that Winter Solider had looked at her, it looked like love, but what would I know.

The only relationship I’ve been in is with Everly and that ended very well.

*Everly’s POV* I feel someone’s cold hand on my head. Wait why was I laying in someone’s lap? Loki’s lap. I slowly turn my head so I can see him. He’s peacefully sleeping in a sitting position which cannot be comfortable.

As I move away from his lap he moves and his eyes slowly open. “I’m sorry did I cross a line?” Loki asks worriedly. “No. No you’re fine, I’m the one who fell asleep.” I defend.

Loki smirks slightly. “You have a very comfy lap.” I joke. “You have a very adorable sleeping face.” Loki teases. Then the door opens.

End Of Chapter 22 Hope you liked it, please comment your thoughts I like hearing what you guys have to say :) Laters

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