Kidnapped By Loki Chapter 14: Coming Home By: lochness8
Kidnapped By Loki
Chapter 14: Coming Home

By: lochness8  loki-steve-bucky-tony stories

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I can’t really write a description without spoiling anything....hope you enjoy :)

Kidnapped By Loki Chapter 14: Coming Home By: lochness8

*Everly’s POV* My eyes flutter open. I feel arms wrap around my waist and they lift me in the air. “You did it Everly!” Loki says happily spinning me in the air.

He kisses my cheek and puts me back on the ground. I successfully teleported, vanished, and used my magic to summon a knife. Loki hugs me tightly. “I’m so proud of you.” He says.

“Thanks.” I smile. He leans down and kisses me. We break apart and he hands me a plate full of fresh cookies. “Eat, I made this specially for you.” He winks. He takes a bite out of a cookie.

He ruffles my hair playfully. “Tomorrow is Christmas.” He says looking at the time. “Tomorrow starts in four hours.” He smiles. He’s been helping me with my magic all day.

As soon as I sit on the sofa it happens. A flashback.

*Flashback* “What’s your name?” “Everly Beckett.” The tall agent looks at his clipboard. “You can wait there.” He says pointing to a chair in a room full of other applicants.

Thirty minutes later I’m called to be interviewed by the Director. The tall dark man with an eye patch takes a long look at me.

“Ms. Beckett was it?” “Yes.” I reply. “Why do you think, S.H.I.E.L.D should hire a 16 year old. Might I add a teenager, to Shield, an organization of agents.” He asks.

“I’m good with computers, I can hack, bypass firewalls. Finding government information.” I say. The Director studies me with his one eye. “That’s impressive. Who taught you this?” He asks.

I couldn’t tell him illegal thugs brainwashed me and taught me these peculiar skills. “Myself. The Stem Program at my school was very advanced.” I lie.

The Director looks at me oddly. Please don’t call my bluff. “You’re hired. Welcome aboard Everly Beckett.” He says shaking my hand.

*few weeks later* I tried to reach the highest shelf but my short height mocked me. I needed the last coffee packet. Ugh. “Need help?” I turn around and find a pair of bright blue eyes smiling at me.

He had short dirty blonde hair and was wearing a white shirt, which seemed pretty tight, and khakis. He grabs the coffee packet and hands it to me. “Steve.” He says. “Everly.” I say. He shakes my hand and smiles warmly.

“Are you new here?” He asks. “Yeah.” I say. “Well a warm welcome from me.” He says. “Thanks.”

*Flashback ends* I gasp for air. I open my eyes and find Loki’s worried ones searching my face. “Everly you-“ “I’m f-fine.” I say sitting upright.

“Darling what’s going on? You can always tell me.” He says. “I’m fine Loki.” I say standing up. He follows after me. “Have some water, juice or coffee. You need to be hydrated-“ “I’m going to get some air.” I say.

“Darling.” Loki says grabbing my hand. “What’s going on.” He presses. I felt bad not telling him, but I didn’t want to. “I’ll explain later.” I say. His eyes are still swimming in a pool of worry.

I plant a small kiss on his cheek and walk onto the beach leaving him behind.

My bare feet touch the white sand and the cold windy air takes my breath away. Too windy.

It’s like the sound of a jet or helicopter. I look up, there is a grey jet.

It slowly lowers to the ground a couple feet away from me. When it touches the ground my heart stops. It was the Quinjet.

Oh no. The Avengers. They were here. They were going to arrest Loki. Before thinking I run back towards the house. I run into the living room where Loki is watching tv.

“Loki you need to leave NOW!” I scream. Loki runs up to me and places his hands on my shoulders. “Everly what is going on?” He asks worriedly.

“The Avengers they’ve landed on the beach. You have to get out of here. They’ll imprison you or kill you.” I say. I feel hot tears streaming down my face.

Loki stares into my teary eyes. “I’m not leaving you Everly.” He says slowly. “Loki you need to go! I couldn’t live with myself if you die.” I cry. I suck in a small breath and then I let it go.

“I’m not leaving you Everly. Being with you were the best times of my life. It may have been only six months but it was the happiest I’ve ever been.” He says. “But Loki we cant be together if they find us.” I whisper.

“I know darling.” He says sadly. He wraps his arms around me. I rest my head on his neck and he places his chin on my head. “I love you Everly.” He whispers. “I love-“ suddenly glass breaks.

I feel my arms being pulled backwards and Loki is pushed into the wall. I look up and find Bucky is the one holding my arms protectively.

Steve jumps into the room and throws his shield at Loki. Loki dodges it and throws a knife at Steve. Tony shoots one of his gadgets at Loki. He dodges again.

Then out of nowhere Thor’s hammer flies at full speed into the room, Loki is flat on the floor. He tries to get up but Thor is quickly by his side. “Well hello brother.” He says gravely.

*A Few Hours Later At The Avengers Tower* I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t recognize myself. My hair was a little above my shoulders In dark curls. My olive skin looked a little tan from being at the beach.

My light brown eyes looked like melted gold in the lighting. I had lost a lot of weight, making myself look weaker. I pull on a large black shirt and baggy sweatpants and collapse onto my old bed.

I was devastated. They’re keeping Loki at Shield in a glass cage like he was an animal. I couldn’t even say goodbye, or even an ‘I love you’.

*knock knock knock* I wipe a tear off my face. “Come in.” I say. The door opens and it’s Steve. He’s wearing his white shirt with khakis. “How are you Everly?” He asks.

He sits beside me on my bed. “I’m ok. You?” I ask. I wasn’t ok. Not even near ‘ok’ on the ‘how are you’ scale. “I’m glad you’re safe. The six months you were gone. I couldn’t sleep knowing you weren’t here.” He says.

I feel a pang of guilt that three of those months I spent with Loki, being together. A couple. “Yeah I missed you.” I say.

Steve gives me his signature hugs. His watch beeps. It was 12 am. Christmas. He smiles. “It’s your favorite holiday.” He smiles softly.

The door opens and Bucky walks in. He looked different. His hair was longer, yet he had the same soft blue eyes. “Bucky.” I smile. He pulls me into a warm hug. “Eve.” He says in my ear.

“I didn’t know you lived here now.” I say. “Yeah me either. I decided this place isn’t so bad.” He smirks. Steve laughs. “This place could use less Stark tho.” He smirks.

“You two haven’t changed at all.” I smirk. I pull my sleeves over my hands, I felt cold. I looked at my hands and saw the purple light dimly glowing. Uh oh.

I pull an oversized sweatshirt over myself, it covers my hands. Why was my magic prospering? Loki would know. Only he would know. “You ok Eve?” Steve asks walking towards me. “Yeah.” I say all too quickly.

Bucky and Steve exchange a look. “Yeah, I’m just tired, I haven’t had a good night sleep in well six months.” I lie. “Yeah you should sleep.” Bucky agrees.

“Goodnight Evie.” Steve says hugging me. “Sleep in.” Bucky advises with a smirk. I hug them both and they leave. I lock the door and find my hands glowing bright purple. They’ve never glowed this bright before. What was going on?

I needed to see Loki. Right Now.

End of Part 1 Hope you enjoyed :)

Do you guys want a Part Two? If not I have other fan fictions in mind but if you want me to continue this story I will be more than glad to do so :)

Bye for now :)

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