Kidnapped By Loki Chapter 13: Christmas Lights By: lochness8
Kidnapped By Loki
Chapter 13: Christmas Lights

By: lochness8  loki stories

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Everly starts discovering her magic and has an awful flashback which sheds some light on her past.

Kidnapped By Loki Chapter 13: Christmas Lights By: lochness8

*Everly’s POV* “Wow you can really cook.” I say as I ate the crispy bacon Loki had made for the two of us.

“I’m glad you liked it.” He smiled. I blushed and looked away. I took a drink of orange juice.

“Can you fly?” I ask curiously. Loki chuckled. “No that’s absurd. I can’t fly.” “But you have magic.” I question. “I do have magic but it doesn’t mean I can fly.” Loki says sitting down beside me.

“Just because I have magic doesn’t mean I can fly. I can teleport, make illusions and other godly things.” Loki explains. “Can I fly?” I ask. Loki thinks quietly.

“Probably not. But flying isn’t everything. You’re the Goddess Of Magic. You’ll have many super natural abilities. Probably more than I have.” Loki explains. “But you don’t want to discover them.” He adds.

“That’s not true. I just don’t want to have the magic take over my body like it did....before with the pot.” I say. Loki studies me. “You never did tell me exactly what happened?” He says.

I couldn’t tell Loki what happened. The happy memories of my life before him. “You don’t have to tell me.” He says suddenly. “No it’s not that.” I defend.

“You don’t need to explain yourself to me Everly. You have your privacy and I respect that.” He says putting the dishes away. “Thanks.” I replied.

“Will you help me with my magic.” I ask. “Are you sure? You suffered a lot last night.” Loki says softly.

“I’m sure.” I smile. Loki looks over at me and smirks his charming smile. I blush five different shades of red and look away embarrassed. I feel Loki smirk and look away.

He was incredibly good at masking his emotions. I had never seen him blush before, his skin was always the same shade of pale. Maybe he will get a tan since we’re at the Caribbean. I couldn’t picture that.

“Follow me, I’ll find a safe room we can discover your powers in.” Loki says taking my hand. As he touches my hand my stomach does backflips and that blinding purple light burns Loki’s hand.

Loki clenches his jaw and heals his hand with his magic. “I’m so sorry.” I breathe. “Don’t be Everly.” Loki says looking me dead in the eye with a kind smile. His eyes were really emerald green. I never knew eyes like that existed.

Loki takes me to his bedroom and closes the door. “I want you to try and move things with your mind. The term is called telekinesis.” Loki explains. He brings a single flip flop in the middle of the room.

“Put all your energy in moving that shoe.” He says. I look at the white flip flop. I stared at it for half a second and it shot up at the ceiling and then fell to the floor. Loki stared at me amazed.

“What?” I blush. “That was amazing.” He chuckles. This time he brings a glass bottle. “I want you to move this to the nightstand in the corner.” He says. For some reason this time I kept my right hand out to control the force of my magic.

The glass bottle rises and follows the movements of my hand, it levitates around the room until it falls gently on the nightstand. I’m starting to like magic.

*1 Week Later* I wiggles my feet in the warm white sand. I reached out and grabbed a White Sea Shell.

I kept it in the palm of my hand and concentrated. In two seconds a bright purple light came from my hand and turned the shell into a baby seagull.

The small bird chirped and flew away. “That was impressive.” Loki says walking towards me. He was wearing black sweatpants and a black t shirt with green stitchings.

He sits besides me and shows me a very large, heavy, ancient looking book. “What’s that?” I ask curiously. “It’s a spell book. I learned from it when I was younger.” Loki explains.

“I thought it might help you.” He says. I lean over his shoulder as he opens the book. It’s written in some ancient complicated language. “I can’t read that?” I say.

“Oh....right. I’ll read it to you then.” Loki says. He flips the page and reading. I rest my chin on his shoulder as he reads. “It’s a simple teleportation spell.” Loki explains. I look at the diagram.

“It doesn’t seem so simple.” I say with a dry laugh. “You’re more than capable.” He smiles. He helps me to my feet. “I want you to imagine the inside of our house. Then close your eyes and open them, you should then find yourself in our home.”

I like how he said “our home”. After he kissed my cheek last week we had never discussed it.

I closed my eyes and imagined the kitchen in our home. I opened my eyes and found myself on the floor of the kitchen. Suddenly Loki was kneeling down beside me.

“Everly are you alright?” He asks helping me to my feet. He pulls out a chair and I sit in it. I felt a little weak and dizzy. Loki grabbed a cold glass of water. “Drink something, you’ll feel better.” He says.

I took a sip of the chilling water. “I think I should take the rest of the day off.” I say. “Yeah you’ve done a lot.” Loki smiles.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Loki asks. “That sounds nice.” I say. Loki holds his hand out and I take it. He smiles that same smile and guides me to the beach. The sun was setting and there was a slight breeze and chill.

Some palm trees had Christmas lights on them. It must be December. “Loki what month is it?” I ask. “The 23rd of December.” He recalls.

“Why?” He asks. “It’s Christmastime. It’s a holiday.” I reply. “I do recall hearing about it.” He says. “Do you like to celebrate this holiday?” He asks.

I smile at the thought. “Yeah. had this tradition when I was little, we would have a competition to give the best gifts, and we would decorate the house. Christmas lights were always hanging above my bed.” I smile.

Loki intertwines our fingers. “That seems like fun.” He says. “It was.” I reply.

“Where does your family live? You’ve never mentioned them before.” He says. I feel a lump in my throat but I swallow.

“They’re....they.....uh..... They’re dead.” I speak. Loki stops walking and turns towards me. “I am so sorry I had no idea.” He says. “It’s fine.” I say giving him a sad smile.

Loki suddenly wraps his arms around me in a soothing hug. I feel utterly overwhelmed but somehow safe in his arms.

He turns his face to look at me. Our faces inches from each other.

“May I kiss you?” He asks me very politely. I could feel his nervous/shy gaze in his eyes. “You may.” I smirk. Loki leans down and kisses me softly.

*The Next Morning* I wake up to the smell of something amazing coming from the kitchen. I swing my legs over the bed and they meet the cold titled floor.

I throw a fuzzy warm robe over my pjs and walk into the kitchen. Loki is fully dressed in black jeans and a black fitted shirt. He sees me and instantly smiles.

“Good morning darling.” He says. I blush at my new nickname. “Good morning Loki.” I smile making my way towards him.

He embraces me in a warm hug. He smelled of a minty yet spicy cologne. “How did you sleep?” He asks. “Great. You?” “Great.”

“I made you French toast.” He says pointing to a plate. He hands me a fork and I sit down. The food smelled amazing. I took a bite and instantly wanted more.

“I also have a surprise for you.” Loki says after I finished eating. He takes my hand and helps me stand. Before I know what’s going on he places his cold hand over my eyes.

“Where are we going?” “To the surprise.” He says. “I can’t see I’m going to fall!” “You won’t fall darling. I’ve got you.” He reassures. Loki guides me down the hallway.

I hear him unlock a door and we walk inside. He takes his hand off my eyes.



“Loki! Oh my gosh.” I say covering my mouth. Loki gives me a hug. He made me my own bedroom. The whole thing was decorated with Christmas lights.

The bed was the same purple color as my magic. The vanity was filled with lotion and jewelry. The closet had girls clothes in it. Most importantly there was the balcony view that led to the beach.

“Loki I don’t know what to say...” I say my eyes teary. Loki smiled. “I saw the way you smiled when you talked about Christmas and the lights. I thought this would make you feel more at home.” He smiles.

“Aw Loki.” I say wrapping my arms around his neck. “It does.” I whisper. I step on the tips of my toes and kiss him.

We break away after a minute and smiles brightly. “I’m really happy you decided to stay Everly. I can’t imagine my life without you now.” He says.

“Yeah Loki. Me either.” I smile.

*Flashback* “If you don’t follow your orders we will kill your family in front of you.” The masked man taunted. I could only see his grey eyes.

My hands hovered over the keyboard. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t hack into Government Files. I can’t.....

I couldn’t risk my family. I couldn’t believe this. I started typing lines of code.

This went on for an hour. My hands left the cold keyboard. “Boss it’s done.” The masked man said speaking into his phone.

“Send her back.” A demon like voice came from the phone. “Will do.” The masked man said. He hung up the phone and grabbed my thin wrist. His nails jabbed into my skin. I whimpered.

*Flashback Ends* “Everly? Are you alright?” Loki asks. “Yeah.” I say shaking the awful memory away.

“I’m great.”

End Of Chapter 13 Hope you enjoyed it. So sorry for the long wait, I was really busy, but I will post the next chapter soon hopefully.

Please comment or DM me your thoughts, I like hearing what you guys have to say :) Bye!

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