Draco & Reader *PART TWO* By: lochness8
Draco & Reader

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Part two! Hope you guys like it :)! Want a Part 3? Comment Below!

Draco & Reader *PART TWO* By: lochness8

You break apart from Draco, he looks into your e/c eyes startled. “I um-“ “It’s ok.” You smile. Draco smiles relieved. “We better get to class.” “Yeah I forgot about that.” Draco laughs.

“Just promise me, no more mirror punching.” You say. “I promise y/n. Thank you for being there.” Draco says. “I’m here for you, you know that.” You say hugging him. Draco holds you tightly in his arms and you both felt safe.

****2 Weeks Later**** After class you found Draco walking back from a deserted hallway. He seemed to be sweating and was very pale. You walked up to him. “Y/n follow me.” Draco whispers.

“Wha-“ He pulls you into a nearby closet and locks the door. “Draco what is going on?” You ask highly concerned. “I I’m in some deep trouble.” He says shakily. “What did you do?” You asked touching his shoulder.

He flicks your hand off his shoulder. “Draco-“ “Why does everyone think it’s always WHAT I DID? Everyone is always-“ “Draco I’m-“ “No.” He storms out of the closet.

You grab his hand but he pulls you off. Why was he acting this way? This was so random. You started following him. “DON’T YOU DARE FOLLOW ME!” He screams. You step back in tears. He storms off in the Slytherin hallway.

**** You watched him walk into the Great Hall, wearing his black suit as usual and his face was sunken and he had big bags under his eyes. Through dinner he played with his fork and didn’t eat.

At the end of dinner you gathered the confidence to speak to him. You sit beside him. “Draco you need to eat.” You say slightly above a whisper. Draco doesn’t meet my eyes. “Y/n just go.” He says.

“No.” You slam your hands on the table making Draco have eye contact with you. “Stop shutting me out. You’re too afraid to ask for help and you won’t tell anyone what the bloody it is that you’re doing!” You yell.

You turn away but Draco’s cold hand grabs your wrist forcing you to meet his blue eyes. “I’m not shutting you out. I’m protecting you from the truth.” He whispers.

“And what bloody truth might that be?” You ask. Draco doesn’t reply and you storm off.

*3 Weeks Later* You hadn’t slept well last night. Ever since you and Draco had your first big fight, you’ve avoided him. Well until Snape made the two of you potions partners and then you were forced to talk to one another.

“Pass the green thing.” You mutter. “You mean the slug droppings?” Draco clarifies. “Yes that.” You dismiss tiredly. With O.W.Ls coming up you didn’t have time for specifications.

Draco hands you the slug dropping and you clumsily drop the droppings on his sleeve making it gooey. “Oh no my bad.” You say grabbing his sleeve to wipe it off. You pull his sleeve up and feel your heart stop.

Draco pulls his sleeve back down. You couldn’t blink. Breathe. Move. It was the Dark Mark. Draco Malfoy was a Death Eater. You dropped everything including your wand and ran. “Y/N!” Draco called after you.

You ignored him and ran. Where? You didn’t know just away from him. You heard his footsteps behind you and before you know what happened you were pinned to the wall in an abandoned corridor.

“So this was what you’ve been up to?” You ask holding back tears. Draco had tears in his blue eyes too. “Y/n let me explain.” He begins. You both sit on the floor, backs to the wall.

“You know how the Malfoy’s are...I didn’t have a choice.” He says sadly. You hold his hand as he spoke. “It was this or death.” He says. You both sit in silence for a few minutes.

“What do you have to do?” You whisper barley audible. “I have to fix a cabinet, The Vanishing Cabinet, it serves as a doorway for Death Eaters.” Draco says. “Wow.” Is all you say.

“I know.” Draco says. “And if you don’t do it?” You ask. “Y/n....I’ll be killed.” Draco says. You rest your head on his shoulder. “Where is the Vanishing Cabinet?” You ask.

“In the Room Of Requirement.” Draco says. You kiss him quickly and stand up. You sprint towards the room of requirement. “Y/N DONT YOU DARE!” Draco yells running after you.

He had an athletic build so he caught up to you very fast. He wrapped his arms around your waist and stops you. “Y/n please I don’t want them to hurt you.” Draco says in your ear.

“I’m going to help you fix it.” You say. Draco looks at you sadly. “I can’t let you do that babe.” He says. “I don’t want you to die.” You say shaking him. “Y/n.” Draco says.

“Listen to me Draco. Let me help you and that’s it.” You beg. “Y/n I’m not risking your life!” Draco yells. “I’m not letting you risk yours!” You yell back.

Draco stares at you and then kisses you. You break away at the sound of footsteps and you and Draco run down the halls.

*12 AM* You slipped out of bed and grabbed your wand. You were going to fix the cabinet, Draco was too important to you and you couldn’t stand him getting hurt.

As you entered the room of requirement you saw the cabinet and got to work.

A couple of hours you heard Draco. “Thank you y/n.” He says. You run up to him and busy your face in his neck. “You better not die.”

****** Hope you liked it! Don’t hesitate to request any other things, it can be marvel, bands, Harry Potter! Later guys

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