Amora Lupin Chapter 5: Pranks and Mysteries By: lochness8 Dedicated to @denicav
Amora Lupin
Chapter 5: Pranks and Mysteries 

By: lochness8 

Dedicated to @denicav  harry potter- draco- fred weasley-hogwarts stories

lochness8 I post avenger fanfics and HP fanfics
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Pranks, Hypogriff attacks and a misleading eavesdropped conversation...hope enjoy! :) it’s a pretty long one so grab some snacks!

Amora Lupin Chapter 5: Pranks and Mysteries By: lochness8 Dedicated to @denicav

You guys should follow @denicav she’s a really close friend of mine and she’s really talented! Ok on with the story

“How do we even open this book?” Draco spats as he walks to Care Of Magical Creatures. “Rub the spine dummy.” I spat. He rolls his eyes and rubs the spine, the book flops open.

“Hey Potter?” Draco spats. Harry spins around to meet his bleached blonde hair. Draco’s eyes meet the sky, turning into fear. “Dementor! Dementor!” He yells.

Harry and a bunch of other Gryffindors including myself turn around to see nothing but a clear blue sky. I turn around and see Draco and his two goons but their hoods up to impression a dementor. I roll my eyes and face Hagrid.

Harry stands in front of the class next to Ron and Hermonie, I linger in the background away from the Hippogriff. “So do we have a volunteer?” Hagrid asks. I step back into Dean who steps back into some Slytherin.

Harry doesn’t realize everyone had stepped back and he was standing closest to Hagrid. “Thank you ‘Arry.” He beams smiling. “No i-“ Ron pushes Harry to Hagrid, cutting him off.

Hagrid speaks the “instructions” loudly. I miss half of them, watching Draco bully Neville. “No wonder they call you Longbottom. You’re the biggest bum I’ve ever seen.” Draco spits at a red faced Neville.

“Oi! What’s your deal?” I yell. I push Draco into a tree. His blonde bands cover his eyes. I move my hand fiercely at his face, I movie his bangs away from his blue eyes.

“Now listen Malfoy.” I say Malfoy with malaise. “If you don’t buzz off I will-“ “Shut up Amora. I had a deal with YOU. I’m not messing with you. I’m messing with Neville. You’re not Neville. So you buzz off.” He says pushing me to the ground.

I feel my cheeks flush red. Did he really just push me to the ground? l clean my robes and grab my wand. I raise it but I am cut of my someone’s screams. I look and see a Hippogriff with..Harry on it! I open my eyes wider and am filled with fear, if he falls he’ll surely die.

“What a show off.” Draco mutters as he bites into a green apple. I roll my eyes and see Ron and Hermonie in shock. “Hagrid he’ll fall!” Hermonie shrieks. “Now now ‘ermonie ‘arry will be fine. He’s strong.” Hagrid beams.

“What does that even mean?” I ask.

No one answers me and I roll my eyes. When Harry and the Hippogriff land Harry jumps off and starts petting the beast as if they’re long lost friend. I am quickly shoved to the side by Draco.

“Watch it-“ Draco cuts me off and walks towards the beast. “Show off you are Potter. I bet anyone could do it!” Draco yells. He stands in front of the Hippogriff. “Filthy beast-“

The Hippogriff slashed at Draco’s arm and Draco falls on the floor, and so called “cries”.

“Ah he’s killed me! He’s killed me!” Draco whines. I run towards Draco. “You’ll live.” I mutter smiling. He clutches his arm and whines. “Hagrid we’ve got to get him to the hospital wing!” Hermonie cries.

“All right. I’ll take him there me self. Class is Er dismissed.” Hagrid calls. He holds Draco bridal style, I have to try very hard not to laugh.

*12am Gryffindor Common Room*

I walk slowly down the girls dormitory steps and find a solemn looking Harry staring at a crackling fire. His hair is messier than usual and he’s wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. He notices me and moves over so I can sit next to him.

“How long have you been sitting here?” I ask. “Since 11pm.” He says running a hand through his hair. I look down at my black shirt and grey pajama bottoms. “What did you want to talk about?” I ask. Harry turns to face me, his eyes pour into mine.

“Somethings up. First off, before we even arrived at Hogwarts, I was in Diagon Alley. Mr Weasley had taken me aside and told me not to go after Sirius Black. I thought to myself why I would go near a murder? Then he told me that Sirius Black was a Death Eater.”

“Which means he already wants to kill me, and you never even heard of the man. Something doesn’t add up. I bet they’re hiding something.” Harry finishes. I break eye contact. “Who’s they?” I ask.

“I dunno, Mr Weasley. Your Dad. Dumbledor even. We have to find out.” He says. I run a hand through my shaggy, short dark hair. “Okay. I’m in. But why didn’t you tell Ron and Hermonie?” I ask. Harry bites his tongue.

“You really think Ron and Hermonie are going to wear the invisibility cloak, and sneak into professors offices to find out answers?” He asks. “No.” I answer. Harry fidgets with his pocket and pulls out the black cloak.

“Now?” I ask, adrenaline rushes through my veins. “Do you have a better time?” He smiles. He stands up and opens the cloak, Harry and I were about the same height but he was a little taller than me. I go under the cloak and stand next to him.

“I know it’s been awhile since we’ve done this, so just remember to keep your hands out and don’t trip on the cloak.” Harry informs. “Right yeah.” I respond. I remember last year we used the cloak and our first year we used it to find the philosophers stone.

Harry slips through the portrait hole and leaves it a bit open. I keep up with his pace. “I miss this.” I say smiling. “What? The breaking the rules with Potter?” He jokes. “Yes. And over the summer we never truly hung out so...this is nice.” I say.

“Yeah. It is.” He smiles. Suddenly we hear footsteps and see Mrs Norris, Flinch’s cat with red eyes. “Watch out!” Harry whisper yells. He opens a door to a broom closet and I land on top of Harry with a thud.

I lock and close the broom closet and I look and see I’m on top of Harry’s stomach. “Sorry!” I whisper getting up. “No it’s my fault. I dived into the closet.” He says. We sit next to dusty brooms. “Uh oh.” I say looking around. “What?” Harry asks looking around.

“Um I’m allergic to dust.” I say. Harry pinches my nose and coverings my mouth, just enough so that I can breathe. His hands smell like toffee. “Once Flinch leaves we leave.” He whispers. I nod.

We sit there for ten minutes and then Harry takes his hands off my nose and mouth. “Alright here’s the plan, we’re going to roam around the halls until we hear something suspicious like Snape and Dumbledor talking or something along those lines.” Harry explains.

“Yesterday Snape was in Father’s office. Maybe we can check there?” I probe. Harry grabs his wand in hand and I grab mine. We slowly creep down the stony corridors and fall upon the oak door of DATDA. I look and see a light from under the door and signal Harry.

He sees it and nods. I notice an inch of a gap between the floor and the door. I slowly lower down till I’m laying belly flat on the ground. “Amora? What’re you doing?” He asks. “I’m trying to see what’s going on from under the door!” I explain in a whisper.

Harry furrows his brows and I lay my cheek on the cold cobblestone. Harry follows my example. I see Dark purple robes and my fathers dress shoes. “Snape and Father.” I whisper to Harry. He nods and we stay silent and listen.

“I don’t trust you know about where your dear...friend is...hiding.” Snape’s cold dark monotone voice says. Friend? What friend? “I know nothing of it!” I hear Father say quiet sternly.

Harry looks at me with “what are they talking about” confusion written on his face. “Lies.” Snape coils. “Serveus I don’t understand what you’re trying to get out of me. But I assure you I know nothing of Sirius.” Father defends.

Sirius? Why would father know anything about Sirius? Suddenly I hear footsteps walking towards us. Harry looks at me with panic. He jumps to his feet and grabs my arm we run to the opposite direction of the classroom Snape and Father were talking in.

The door opens and Snape strides out, not making any glance towards our way. I watch the door and see Father glance around. His eyes fall on the spot where Harry and I are. Father shakes his head and closes the door.

We swiftly walked back to the common room, it’s been an hour. I take the cloak off and seat myself next to Harry. “So um-“ “Your Father attended Hogwarts right?” Harry asks. I nod.

“I think I know our next plan of action.” “What?” I ask.

*A Couple Days Later* Someone puts an arm around me. I look and see Fred’s toothy crooked smile. “Hello Amora? How’re you?” He asks.

“I’m good. You Freddy?” I ask implying the nickname. “Good as ever. I needed a favor.” Fred asks happily. “Anything.” I smile.

He pushes his red fiery hair back. “Can you help me make an Amortentia potion? I’m trying to prank Percy and George is too busy with O.W.L.s.” Fred says. He makes a cute pouty face resulting in my sympathy.

I Did have a lot of free time on my hands. “Sure. When do you want to do it?” I ask. “Thanks your the best Amora. Is now okay?” He asks. I did have a free block and after that was lunch.

“Sure follow me to the girls bathroom, or as I like to call, my office.” I smile. “Wow an office?” He smiles. We walk side by side towards the abandon girls bathroom Fred stops at the entrance.

“Um Amora? I don’t think it would be...just if I followed you in there.” He says nervously. “Noo! It’s not like that. It’s abandoned bc a ghost, Moaning Myrtle haunts it. Yeah no one uses it.” I reassure. I grab his arm gently and pull him inside.

In the corner I laid out a few chairs and cleaned it up, a few plants decorated the small corner and a couple caldrons were set there. Next to the corner was a cabinet with extra class books I had duplicated if I ever forgotten any.

“Wow impressive!” Fred smiles in awe. “Just the perks of Amora Lupin!” I smile. I sit on a comfy chair and gesture to the one next to mine, Fred sits down. “Explain this prank to me.” I smile.

*Fred’s POV* “So you plan to make Percy obsessively in love with you, so you can make him a man servant?” Amora recalls her dark eyes in amusement.

“Yes.” I nod. She lets out a laugh and starts gathering the ingredients. “So not Interested in potions?” She asks. “Umm well, let’s say my talents lie in spells.” I explain. She smiles as her hands dance across the potion.

“How’s Draco?” I ask. She rolls her eyes. “Merlins beard don’t bring that up!” She laughs. Her hands move fast, along the cutting board to the ladle to the mixing spoon. “I’m utterly amazed. I’ve been told your good but you’re...great. Expert.” I say.

She blushes slightly. “I’m sure your talents would shine in potions if we had a better teacher.” She adds. “Yeah. Merlins Beard Snape, honestly.” She laughs in return for my comment. After another thirty minutes of chatting she takes a break.

“You know, you and George should invite me on some of your pranks. I can be quite the rebel.” Amora smiles mischievously. “I would love it for you to tag along. I’ve seen your ambition. I’m surprised your not in Slytherin?” I respond.

“Thanks. Most people assume that but uh. I’m Gryffindor. I’m not a snark.” She explains. “No! No! You’re WAY better than Draco and them. Your ambition is higher though.” I add. She smiles at that.

She hands me the potion in a vile. “I suggest putting it in his pumpkin juice of something, trick him into consuming it. I’m sure you’ll find a way.” Amora smiles. She waves her wand and all of her materials neatly arrange themselves in the cabinet.

“Shall we?” I ask. She smiles and we walk out and to dinner. “Thanks again Amora. You’re the best.” I reply. “It’s nothing. Anything for you.” She smiles. I take out a handful of puckering pastries and put them in her light olive skin hands.

“What’s this?” She asks interested. “Puckering Pastries. You eat them and you vomit uncontrollably For three minutes. It’s an excuse to leave class.” I wink.

“I definitely will use.” She winks back.

End Of Chapter 5 Feel free to comment your thoughts, I like hearing what you guys have to say Laters :)

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