Amora Lupin Chapter 1: Hogwarts Express By: lochness8
Amora Lupin
Chapter 1: Hogwarts Express

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The first chapter to Amora Lupin. Enjoy!

Amora Lupin Chapter 1: Hogwarts Express By: lochness8

I stare at the white wall as the night draws on. I will be officially attending my third year at Hogwarts tomorrow. Father will also be our new Defense Against The Dark Arts. At least I will have the safe feeling, knowing that he’s there.

Ever since last year, with Ginny Weasley I haven’t felt safe. Ever since the Chamber Of Secrets was opened and Ginny almost...died...I couldn’t help to wonder the other secrets of Hogwarts.

As much as I loved Hogwarts it was after all dangerous. In addition Harry almost died saving Ginny. I couldn’t imagine Harry dying. He was like a brother to me. A best friend.

On his birthday I sent him loads of chocolates, a photo album on our memories from Hogwarts and a book on Quidditch Tactics. He sent me a letter immediately giving me updates on the retched family he lived with. The Dursley’s.

“Amora?” I snap my head to the slightly ajar door. My father was peering at me. I met his dark tired eyes. “Why aren’t you sleeping?” He asks. “I couldn’t sleep.” I reply dryly.

“Lumos.” He mutters. His wand lit the dark room of mine. “I reckon you haven’t slept either?” I say. The bags under his eyes were thick black sags.

“No I have been doing some last minute packing for Hogwarts.” He says. My eyes are drawn to a new scar on his hand. “Is that from-“ “Yes.” He replies sadly.

Father was a werewolf. He turned into one, once a month on a full moon. Sometimes when he transforms he gets scars, not all the time but sometimes .

I was surprised I didn’t inherit being a werewolf. I am grateful that I didn’t. But I just thought it was odd...

“I’m sorry.” I say. Father saw himself as a monster, and no matter how many times I repeatedly told him that he is not a monster, he couldn’t seem to wrap his mind around it.

“Don’t be sorry Amora.” He says giving me a hug. I hold his wand in my hand. 10 1/2 inches, Cypress and Unicorn Hair. It was heavier than mine. I missed magic. I couldn’t wait to be able to use my wand tomorrow.

“You have five more hours of sleep until we go to Kings Cross. I suggest you take it Amora.” He says. That just embedded me with more anxiety. “Yes father.” I say laying in my bed.

“Nox.” He mutters. The white light from his wand goes out leaving me in darkness. Father kisses my forehead. “Sleep well Amora.” He says. “I will try Father.” I respond. “I love you dearly Amora.” He replies. “I love you too Father.” I say.

After three hours of sleep I get ready. I washed my short black hair. My hair fell slightly above my shoulders and it had small curls and waves in it. It never behaved, it had a mind of its own.

I changed into grey jeans and a black hoodie. I grabbed my heavy Hogwarts trunks and my owls cage. Max was a Bubo owl given to me by Father as a gift during my first year at Hogwarts.

Max coos gently and pecks at my finger. “I will feed you at Hogwarts.” I promise it.

“I see you’re ready?” Father says. He had his brown gingery hair combed back, he wore a collard shirt, a vest, dress pants, dress shoes and a smart coat. “You look like a professor.” I smirk. Father laughs.

“Off to Kings Cross.” He says. He takes his keys out and locks the door. I stare at our small humble home. I will miss this lonely place.

We walked to Kings Cross, it wasn’t that far from our house. Maybe half an hour? “Amora?” I snap out of my thoughts. “Yes?” Father studies me, he knows what’s going on.

He knows I’m worried about the new year at Hogwarts. He opens his mouth to say comforting words but he is interrupted by Mrs Weasley’s squealing. “Remus!! Amora!!” She says happily.

Mrs Weasley hugs Father and I in one hug. I feel my bones cracking. “Molly it’s been too long!” Father chuckles. “The kids have gotten us all wrapped up.” She says using her hands to talk.

“Where is Arthur?” Father asks. “The Ministry has gotten him in work again. The long hours, honestly, that man is never home!” She complains.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. “Ron? Harry?!” I say in disbelief. They wrap me in hugs. “Ron you’ve bloody grown two feet!” I say looking at him. He grew. Taller than Harry and I.

“Harry I think your going bald.” Ron jokes, he was looking down on Harry’s head. “Shut up Ron.” Harry smirks. “I think it’s bloody impossible for Harry to go bald. He’s got too much hair.” I say ruffling his hair.

When Harry shakes his head I get a glimpse of his scar. I feel the nervous feeling coming back up. The snake. You know who. “Mum the train is going to leave!” I voice yells.

I look around and find it’s Fred. “Amora?” He says. He comes over and gives me a hug. George does also. “How was your summer?” George asks. “Great.” I say.

“M-u-m!” Percy yells. His face was red and annoyed. He didn’t want to be late. “Oh yes! Hurry along Remus and I will meet you on the other side.” She says. I meet eyes with Father, what were they talking about?

The boys all run into 9 3/4. I look around, I guess it’s my turn. I hated this part. I closed my eyes and ran into the brick wall. My ears are filled with the noise of chatter. I open them and see the Hogwarts Express.

I see many familiar faces. I feel many people looking at my shoulder? I turn and find a small red headed girl next to me. Her innocent eyes meet mine. Ginny. “They’re all looking at me aren’t they.” She whispers.

I knew a little about Ginny. We weren’t very close. But I felt bad for her. “Ginny how was your summer?” I ask. She looks at me oddly, we’ve never held a conversation before. “It was good. Yours?” She asks.

“It was good.” I reply. She gives me a small smile. “Hey ignore them.” I say whispering in her ear. “It’s hard to.” She says. “Just think they’re complimenting your hair.” I wink. Ginny smiles.

I stand on the tips of my toes and look around for Ron and Harry. I couldn’t find them. Father and Mrs Weasley were still talking in a deep conversation. I should get a compartment in the meantime. Father will find me.

I start walking in the cramped hallway. Nobody talks to me. I’m not very popular or like able. I open an empty compartment and look out the window. I needed coffee.

The door opens and Father walks in he puts his trunk on the floor. “If you don’t mind me Amora I will be catching up on my rest.” He says leaning against the wall. “No I don’t mind.” I smile.

He smiles and I watch his peaceful face as he drifts to sleep. I look at Max who’s eyeing me with her orange golden eyes. I feel a tap at the door and I find Hermonie with Ron and Harry. I quickly get up and open it.

“Amora!” Hermonie squeals. She embraces me in another bone crushing hug.

“Hermonie!” I say happily. I move out of the way so they can find their seats. Ron and Hermonie sit together and Harry sits next to me. “How was everyone’s summer?” She asks upbeat. “We went to Egypt. We were in the paper.” Ron says.

“Mummies and tombs. It was cooler than I expected. Percy was getting scared by Fred and George right and left.” Ron laughs. He takes out his rat which I am surprised who is still alive. “He looks a bit pale don’t you think?” I ask looking at Scabbers.

Harry looks at it. “Might as well say it’s on its death bed Ron.” Harry says. After a half an hour I grab my stuff to go change into my school robes. I walk down the aisle and into the girls changing room.

I change into the red and gold Gryffindor uniform and the black cloak on top. As I fix my sweater and my hair I jolt into the mirror. My lip is bleeding. What happened? Why did the train jerk into a stop?

I grab my things but feel a chill down my spine. Something isn’t right. In addition I’m all alone. This isn’t good.

End Of Chapter 1 Later

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