Grandpa And The Tree house
Grandpa And The Tree house family stories
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This story starts with two little girls and ends in a... I'm not telling! Read to find out

Grandpa And The Tree house

There once was two little girls, who were cousins. They lived with their Grandpa, for their parents had died when they were little. They would play in the woods with their dolls.

They would play make believe. Pick up sticks, tag, tea party. You name it, the played it. One day, they asked their Grandpa if he would build them a tree house.

He responded "My back is old and worn, but I can still build you a tree house." The two young girls squealed with delight.

The very next day they went to the store to get wood for the tree house. The two young girls asked Grandpa if he needed help carrying the heavy wood.

Grandpa responded "My back is old and worn, I would appreciate your help." The girls quickly helped Grandpa haul the wood back to the truck. As soon as they got home, they started building.

When Grandpa sent the two little girls into the house for lunch, he worked quickly.

When the two girls came back, he had finished half the tree house! Through mouths half full of their sandwiches, they asked him "how did you that so fast?" and "Can we help?"

Through the rest of the days work, they finished building their tree house. Grandpa said "I think it's time for you two little girls to go to bed."

The next day they finished decorating the tree house. The girls spent the rest of the day playing dolls in the tree house with grandpa. A week pasted, too fast in every body's opinion.

Then Grandpa had a heart attack. The two little girls watched as the doctors put him in their truck, just like the wood they had hauled last week.

The doctors did not notice the two little girls. The two little girls went into the tree house to wait, bringing what little food they had with them, today was supposed to be grocery day.

They waited and waited for Grandpa to come back, but he never did. They had a feast with the queens, the queens being them and their dolls being their royal subjects.

The two little girls were not old enough to know that grandpa might not come back, so they didn't know to save their food.

They played in the tree house, occasionally hearing a voice whispering through the wind, saying "My back is no longer old and worn, come and join me you two little girls."

One day, they gave into this calling and were swept up by the wind, to join their Grandpa.

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