Bullied Part 1
Bullied Part 1 bullied stories

llamalady08 November is end bullying month. Be Kind
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What would you do in this situation?

Bullied Part 1

"Your stupid! You can't do anything right! Your not going to have any friends!" Each feels like a punch to the stomach. They continue to call me names, some even words I can't repeat.

I try not to cry. Why? Whats wrong with me? I never did anything to them, but they hate me. One girl, their friend, goes inside to tell a teacher. I get to the teacher, and say what happened.

I tell her what they called me. They say "I'm sorry, I meant to say brat." The other pipes in, "Yeah, but you are still both." They get away with it. I still don't get it.

Just a few week back I stood up for their close friend, the one who told the teacher, when someone was punching and hitting them. One of the girls is really close to her, but was on vacation.

I tell her when she comes back, but the girl who was hitting her was sitting at our lunch table.

She says "I would never do something like that!" and the girl on vacation says "you dirty rotten liar!" to me.

Then the girl that was punched says quietly "it happened" and the girl who called me a l liar quickly changes the subject. This sort of stuff happens all the time.

Some of the girls and me used to be close. I have tried to maintain those friendships, but its hard. I had three of them over, and they went into my room and started breaking my stuff.

They say "Oops!" when I see them doing it. They steal from me. I had a bag of cookies once, when I was watching my brothers basketball game. His team was playing their brother's team.

One girl was nice, and let me draw with them, the other called my drawings ugly and took the whole bag of cookies I brought to share for herself. When will it end?

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