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A poem about the fragile heart.

By: LJ Swanepoel

The Heart

by LJ Swanepoel

The heart,

The heart is fragile

Without anything physically touching it

It can experience more pain than a broken leg or a cut in the flesh

In one moment it can feel joy, and in the next severe sadness

From the loss of a pet

To the loss of a friend

To missing someone dearly

To betrayal

To being forgotten

To being rejected

To loving someone to the point of hopelessness

To the death of a loved one.

How one such organ, barred behind a cage,

Has the power to bring anyone down to nothing!

And it lingers.

Oh the pain... that dull kind of pain, it lingers.

And the heaviness...

Heavier than a mountain.

Overwhelmed by dryness

Like that of a desert

Empty dunes of sand under the dry hot sun that go on and on

With no end in sight

No direction to follow

Nothing to do

But wait...

And wait for it to pass

The heart

It tightly contracts into itself

Becoming smaller than a raisin.

But then comes hope

Love comes

A good word

That turns it all around!

All that heaviness of the mountain is lifted and the pain transformed into pure joy

A burst of light emits from within

Combined with rich flavours never tasted before!

What's lighter than light?

The chest, overtaken by joy

Like that of a mighty rushing river that overflowed after long days of rain

It's an energetic storm that the cage can no longer contain

The heart

It expands

Becoming a size larger than the sun.

Mountains can be moved

Love can be redeemed

Relationships restored

Life can be a pleasure

Strangers can be helped

And pets be petted

Cheerful songs can be sung

And gifts be given!

How one such fleshly component has the power to create wonders in life

And also bring to one's soul the drought of a desert full of despair

Such a mystery,

No one understands,

But we all speak this language fluently.

Oh, the heart

The mysteriously fragile heart.

(c) LJ Swanepoel * 20 April 2021

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