Poltergeist - Part Three: The First Deal
Poltergeist - Part Three: The First Deal poltergeist stories
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Poltergeist - Part Three: The First Deal

"Don't be afraid," Miles said, smiling at them all. "I'm perfectly harmless. Well, unless I don't want to be." Alexei stirred and tried to sit up. "What do you want?" Miles's grin widened. "You guys summoned me, didn't you? I'm here to make deals and entertain you!" Chain snarled at him. "Deals are for the damned. Tell me this: How immense is your power?"

"Oh, I don't know..." Miles wondered. "Maybe bring your friend back?" At that moment, a skinny boy in a uniform that was similar to Irvin's appeared. Irvin screamed and rushed at the boy, wrapping him in a hug. They stood there for a few seconds before Miles snapped his fingers and the boy disappeared. "That's only a mere glimpse of my power." Miles bragged.

"If you want to make deals and receive entertainment, you must let me stay here." Miles pressed on. Yuri and Levi glared at him but said nothing. Akiso finally said, "Fine. Just don't cause trouble." "Wonderful!" Miles remarked, getting on the ground. "I see big things coming our way. Very big things..."


A week had passed since Miles was summoned. Miles mainly strolled the halls of the orphanage, tricking the members of the orphanage whenever he could. Many people hated him, but they said nothing about it. One day, Alyn walked up to Miles around lunchtime. "I want to make a deal." She said when he saw her.

His eyes lit up and he summoned a cane with a skull on top with rubies for eyes. "What is the deal you so desperately crave?" Alyn held out a blue bunny with a ripped-off ear. "Fix the ear." Miles tapped the ear with his cane and it magically reformed. "Thank you!" She cried, trying to take the bunny. Miles snorted and pushed her away. "I held up my end of the deal. Now you have to hold yours."

Miles snapped his fingers, and an envelope appeared in his hand. "You know the house on Mayweather Street with the black door? I need you to give this letter to the person who lives there." Alyn grabbed the letter and was about to bolt out of the room when she stopped.

"Why should I go there?" She asked, crossing her arms. "They are in my debt," Miles explained. "They need to complete a favor for me. She thought could hide forever..." Alyn raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Well, I don't want to go there if I can't open the letter." Miles sighed and held the bunny in a tight grip.

"Hey! Give it back!" Alyn cried. Miles ignored her and snapped his fingers. A demon jumped out from the floor. It started tearing the bunny into tiny pieces. It tore it up until it was nothing but cloth and cotton. Miles grinned wickedly as the demon slunk away. "If you won't hold up your end of the deal, I won't hold up mine." Ayln whimpered and nodded, hurrying out of the door.


Ash pulled up to Mayweather Street and stopped at the house with the black door. Mrs. Cornile stepped out of the uber and smiled at Ash. "Thank you again, dear. You're a good uber." Mrs. Cornile said. She pulled out her wallet and paid Ash. Ash was about to leave when she saw Alyn, running to Mrs. Cornile's door. "Alyn?" Ash asked, getting out of the Uber car.

"What are you doing out of the orphanage?" She asked, wrapping her in a hug. Alyn gasped for air. "I made a deal with Miles. He told me to deliver this letter to the house with the black door." Mrs. Cornile paled quickly and she forced a smile. "Oh. Thank you, dear. I'll take the letter then." She took the letter and walked into her house.

Bonus: Learn what was in the letter!

Dear Lucy, Thirty years ago, we made a deal. I would help you find love in exchange for your book from the angels. You didn't hold up your end of the bargain. I've been kind and let you walk free. But today, you'll be sorry. Tonight, Mark will divorce you. And remember that Erin fellow? He'll be having an affair with you. -Miles Maker

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