Why does it hurt to miss you?
Why does it hurt to miss you? i miss you stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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Sorry, it has been a while since I last posted anything.
Life has been crazy, work and everything got in the way! Sigh...

I hope that you enjoy this poem about loving someone who you can't be close to.

Why does it hurt to miss you?

Your comforting smile is on my mind, Your beautiful face and your lateral profile, Your wavy black hair and your wild perfect hairstyle, I would never allow myself to forget you. My heart completely loves and I miss you.

I still wish to touch your smooth skin, Hold your face and feel the hair on your chin, Your cheeks will blush, your heart-shaped lips will curl as you grin. my love, I adore you, your silky voice makes my heart sing!

Oh, your big glittering brown eyes stay with me as you go, as my fingers secretly beg to travel the bridge of your nose, all the way over your golden body to your toes. I can only imagine how my love would overflow.

I desperately want, but I know that I can't, Our busy lives and little time, Leave room only for good mornings, goodnights and my romantic rhymes ... I imagine your arms holding me and my head resting upon your chest is the only place I wish to be.

I know that loving you is such an easy thing to do, You remain in my thoughts all day through, I look for the strength to keep me going, But, unknowingly you make me cry. Why does it make my heart hurt so much to really miss you?

Lizzie Bevis

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