We Two Lovers
We Two Lovers sex stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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18+ is advised.
This poem is a little bit saucy.

We Two Lovers

It is late as I wait for you to walk through the door. I am a temptress, dressed to impress.

My hair flows down in gentle waves, as I dare to lay here anticipating his reaction in all my vulnerable beauty, porcelain skin kissed by black lace and bows.

I smile as my eyes meet his, the spark is too hot to ignore. I see my ravenous conquest.

His skin so warm, bearing masculinity he draws near aroused by my alluring distraction.

Undeniable his passionate duty. Explosions begin provoked by desire and eagerly exposed.

I want to cry out, there is no taming his flame. I am blown away by his divinity.

I beg and I plead, but he takes his time devouring every inch of my femininity.

Rhythmic euphoria whilst dancing between linen he takes control.

We two lovers entwined in this game of seduction. A never ending desire to scream his name.

Lizzie Bevis

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