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lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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What if's and but's lead down many roads...
The ability to create is a wonderful thing.


What if the opposite of what could be is possibly true and we actually try something we think we can not do?

If this idea tumbles around inside the mind, perhaps what is unknown and hidden we may finally find?

Greetings to the manifested substance, goodbye to this void! Nourish this played with thought, it is no longer a toy.

Resounding thoughts rumble, reasons previously known, along with the sweet insight of a long time ago.

But, why must we stumble upon desire at the break of dawn, Leave it unworked and in anger like a raging thunderstorm?

Just take your time, leave happy impressions and dance with your dreams at night. Work hard with the sun, determination helps this bird soar high!

If only we all had the courage to fly, with new ideas and thoughts

If only we all had the courage to fly, with new ideas and thoughts, We must let go and try.

Lizzie Bevis

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