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The Haunting is a follow on from the Ghost Bride story.

I am sure that you have heard this saying more than once, but there are always two sides to every story!

The Haunting

It is late at night and the moonlight creeps in through the cracks in between the curtains, he lays there alone exhausted from lack of sleep. He wishes that he could end the reoccurring nightmare of that one fateful day that he will never forgive himself for.

He thinks about when he went to visit you, he knelt by your graveside and punished himself a thousand times. He laid a posy of forget-me-nots and white roses, a parting gift for you as tears rolled down his face. His heart feels so much pain as he remembers how much he hurt you.

His good friend ‘Jack’ fuelled a moment of regret, The women that he loved punished through no fault of her own because he was laid off. You were an easy victim in ‘Jacks’ eyes; He was so hell bent on seeking revenge that day.

How he wishes that he could turn back time and learn to control his temper and rage.

How he wishes that he could turn back time and learn to control his temper and rage. But it is too late,

How he wishes that he could turn back time and learn to control his temper and rage. But it is too late, the damage is done.

Those thoughts replay over and over in his head, reliving the memory of how he destroyed everything he had ever lived for and how he was such a coward, as he stumbled away from you, leaving you in a bruised and bloodied heap on the floor.

He recalls your sobs and mumbling disorientated pleas as he unleashed his attack on you but they fell on his deaf ears. Now only grief flows within his veins.

He can’t remember the last time he felt at peace with himself; Hell, he doesn’t deserve it. If only you were there now, how he wished he could take everything back... If only he knew.

You sit there at the end of the bed, a nightly ritual which you have become so familiar with. The moonlight flows through your spirit being as you remain at one with the air.

You desperately wish that he could see you and your bruised body and feel the never ending pain. How you wince as you remember the red hot pain as it seared through your body with each blow.

You flow towards him and gently lean over his body, your mouth just an inch or so away from his ear You only say one word ‘Remember’ That one word bears so much resentment.

How desperately you want to remember the gentle touch of his hands and the way that they used to glide across your flesh so lovingly. But, those days are long gone; Now only painful memories remain. Why should you suffer alone?

You look upon his face, he looks so fragile as he weeps remembering all that you will him to. Content that he suffered enough for one night your restless soul dissipates into the night once more.

Lizzie Bevis

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