The dark side of being an empath
The dark side of being an empath emapth stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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When things get emotionally exhausting and mentally tiring...the untold joys of being an empath.

I was having a rotten day, they are not always this bad!

The dark side of being an empath

In this world I find myself alone, with a chaos of troubles, including my own. Do I stand strong whilst everything crumbles, because you expect me to help you atone?

I am a dancing light through darkness for many it seems, through their stress. My heart is tired, yet I remain humble, but still you plead for me to aggress.

Through all your worries and woes, I stand with you and oppose. When all is resolved I am left to struggle, whilst life deals me blow after blow.

Why is life so ominously wicked to those so giving and commited? Through it all, priorities are juggled, from my time you greatly benefit.

But these questions keep manifesting in my mind, Why do I care so much and why am I so kind? Why must I carry everyone's burdens when they do not feel inclined?

Lizzie Bevis

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