Little Monsters
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lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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A fun story about Little monsters.

Little Monsters

Watch out children Here they come!! If you don't like little monsters, You had better Run, Run, Run!

They are creeping out From under my bed, They are coming to life From spooky stories I have read.

They make strange And unearthly squeals, I'm not even sure If these ghoulies are real?!

Mother says they surely Are all in my head, But I can feel those bumps Coming from under my bed...

I can't pull up the blanket, They are hiding under there too; I just saw one dive into a roll After tripping over my shoe!

They shriek and squeal Such scary sounds, I'm frozen by fear, I can't move; But they leap and run around!

Then a strange little monster Was wearing my shoes, It started dancing and singing About a boxing kangaroo!

I started to laugh At this funny sight And I forgot about how I was rigid with fright.

The song it was singing Was a happy tune, I was no longer frightened Of these crazy buffoons!

I enjoyed their antics, I played and danced around; We twirled back and forth To those excitable sounds.

A feeling of tiredness Will creep over me soon, I could see out of my window The big cheesy moon!

My fears disappeared And I drifted to sleep. My friendly little monsters Stopped dancing and tapping Their feet.

They are tired now too, And they carefully, quietly creep Back under my bed To drift off to sleep.

Now we are all dreaming And I begin to wonder... Did I really spend my evening Playing with little monsters?!

Lizzie Bevis

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