L'art des Amoureux
L'art des Amoureux art stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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The art of lovers, look deep within and love can be found in all layers.

L'art des Amoureux

There is a beautiful art Within your heartbeat Creating masterpieces When my head rests Listening to the composition inside your chest.

There is music in your eyes Reciting poetic sweet lullabies  I am captivated By your firey gaze I adore how you look this way.

There is a spoken rhyme   Whispered quietly everytime To my beating heart With each loving kiss I take with passion from your lips.

There is a journey My gentle touch needs As fingers sail across your skin Each stroke I make Leaves me following in your breaths wake.

There is no mercy We both want with hurry Behind these closed doors Our entwined bodies hidden As we rise and fall to Cupids rythmn.

There is no restraint To new found heights we elevate Both drunk on love We hold on to what is ours As blazing passion bursts into a blossoming flower.

There is no return As your seed is born You sent me to paradise I regained my stolen breath As I am reborn from a perfect and beautiful death.

Lizzie Bevis

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