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lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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When I was a little girl I remember how I always used to ask Grandad about the war just because I was curious and also super proud.
He was a hero in my eyes. Looking back now, being young and inquisitive I probably stirred all kinds of bad memories for my Grandad. You never realise until you can relate when you relive your own difficult moments through memories.
He was a brave man.

Know you better

The dreams that touched your days and the colours that filled your eyes. Those moments of reflection that cast shadows over your heart and mind.

Take me there with you I plead never to return, as I hunger for the pieces of you that lurk deep inside, hidden and locked away from view.

You have my attention With a brave face you share your stories of pain, innocence, tribulation and happiness. I will sit here.

Please take me on a journey to those places at last, down deep below the ground, then over the hills and above the clouds into your past. So I may finally understand and get to know you better.

Lizzie Bevis

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