Fighting for you.
Fighting for you. trust stories

lizziebevis I wish to be happy, therefore I am
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If you love someone you usually try to work it out.

Fighting for you.

I'm sorry I miss you too much, I'm sorry that I care about you more than I should. I'm sorry but I fell in love and this love breaks me and it hurts sometimes.

I give so much and I take so little. I have become used to sitting here and being forgotten. I am sorry I am always attached to dreams and hopes to call you mine forever. I'm sorry that we have complicated days, yet, I'm here for you when you need me, always.

But, I must scream all of my heart out now, this pain has become too hard to bear. I'm sorry but I feel like you are being swept away from me and I reach out desperately as you drift out towards the sea.

Please remember, the most precious things you can give are your trust and time. But, I feel like an afterthought as chaos consumes your life. yet here I am, I am fighting for you, and I hopelessly wonder if you are still mine?

Do you still think of me as you deal with the other thoughts that swirl around in your mind? I would love to believe that you do still want me, Tell me, when you think about the future, what do you see? Do you want to come back towards the shoreline now? Please give me a little piece of your time, come and sit down and talk with me?

Lizzie Bevis

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