Explosive Love
Explosive Love space stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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This explosive love is placed within the stars between two people completely in love.
The most romantic imagery that I could muster.

Explosive Love

The eyes of a supernova are infiltrating mine, With his memorising gaze So strong, so warm, but so gentle, so loving; Passionate but patient This love is so intense.

Fervid emotions and a blazing desire taunt me, within these flames, I am awakened So raw, so bright but so comforting, so alluring; Sedulous but fun, This feeling is out of this world.

There are no words to match this rhythmic image, As we dance through time and space So bright, so powerful, but so insistent, so calm Amorous but sincere, This is a heavenly fantasy.

The feeling of our merging ardour amid sparks and Stardust, as we two stars collide So fiery, so perfect but so delicate, so unrestrained Gravity brings us together, This explosive love pulls me endlessly into your embrace.

Lizzie Bevis

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