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lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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a thoughtful piece about, what the future will bring..what will become of our hopes and ambitions?


Have you ever thought about the future?

What do you think you will do?

Where do you think you will be?

Will work and life consume you?

Will there be any time left for me?

It's hard to think about the future, my thoughts become slightly unstable, I feel insecure and compromised. The future is a still obscure yet, in my mind my wishes awaken and slowly rise.

Some of my dreams seem quite refined, whilst other ambitious aspirations hold on with possible hope, desperately grasping onto my minds frayed and tatty rope.

It seems unnatural to think of unachievable dreams, Staring into an infinite internal dark abyss, Wishing to finally become something but eventually, they let go, falling... They were never meant to be.

I do not feel willing, must I face the possibility of entering the unknown all alone? With so much change waiting for me, will the future become a place of comfort? What does my destiny hold?

Will my life become a wonderful story, beautifully and poetically composed?

Lizzie Bevis

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