Dear Future Lizzie
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lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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It hurt to write this letter to my future self, but I am glad that I did.

Where there is rain and sunshine, there will always be rainbows and I feel somewhat liberated.

Dear Future Lizzie

Dear Lizzie, I wish I knew then, what I know now before I married him and made those stupid vows. I think about the past every day and night, and I try to stay focused and do what is right.

But, I can’t discard the unpleasant memories of him. I thought with time they would dissipate, but much to my chagrin they linger and stay with me and I try to forgive him, but I cannot; Those memories still haunt me, but he all too easily forgot.

With relief, I battled and our marriage ended but I still despise him for pretending, because he did make our children's life miserable and he tore mine apart. We were all left hurting and he completely broke our hearts.

But Lizzie, Never forget how strong you are, like a phoenix from the ashes you arose, burning brightly like a star. I know you won’t feel the same as I do momentarily and you do not deserve to feel ashamed or blamed for your desire to flee to safety with your family.

After all, Life is for living and you are not a dead weight, I guess the past has taught us lessons and that this is was just my fate. Years have gone by since then and I am still healing, I must accept that the past will never go away, but at times I cry when I look at my children because inside I am still reeling.

Breathe, Try to focus on the future and your children, and be the mother who will be remembered with pride. Lizzie, you kept them safe and hidden from harm, away from his torment and snide. You deserve love and you will conform, and I promise you will be happy again someday.

You will be loved again. You will all be happy. So, remember, when it is raining and the defiant sun shines, there will always be rainbows to brighten your day. Lizzie Bevis x

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