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lizziebevis I wish to be happy, therefore I am
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The reasons why I love Autumn, the most colourful and beautiful season in my eyes. :)


When thinking about Autumn my thoughts are inspired by warm cinnamon biscuits and sweet pumpkin pie.

Leaves as they tumble and fall from tall sleepy trees and evenings sat by the fire feeling snug and cosy.

The floral blooms all disappear now Autumn is here, and crisp winds replace the warm summer air.

A red, yellow and brown blanket embraces the ground, and there are beautiful rusty colours to be seen all around.

The sun shines through clouds kissing the sky with a russet-gold light, and the days become shorter, bringing peaceful long dark nights.

Twilight draws out prickly hedgehogs that scamper with predation, as they gorge on worms and insects to prepare for hibernation.

Autumn is a sleepy season, but I like this season the best. Mother nature has worked hard this year and now she needs to rest.

So I look out of my window and enjoy this crisp Autumnal scene, and I think about baking cookies and prepare for Halloween.

Lizzie Bevis

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