Athene noctua
Athene noctua greek stories

lizziebevis I wish to be happy, therefore I am
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Just a little poem about Athena and her wise owl

Athene noctua

My wise little owl you are always by my side, even as Nyx slips away and Apollo's sun rises. A new day awaits full of wonders we must face. But your gentle eyes see all, seeking nothing but the truth. I shall stand just and tall with you, my shrewd feathered guide.

My virtuous little owl How I do trust you; Please guide me through and help lead me true on my quest for knowledge, so I may learn something new. Swiftly you now glide from my arm to the olive tree, now you perch upon a branch and inquisitively look back at me.

Come now clever owl the day must be won, There are plenty of questions to answer and lots of challenges to overcome. I stand here ready with my spear and rise over this city of mine. Oh, Glorious Athens I shall lead, for Athens is my namesake and my Nike shrine.

Lizzie Bevis

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