A lifetime of seasons
A lifetime of seasons aging stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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A lifetime of seasons

In the springtime when the flowers grow and bloom, I sit by the river as the water is touched by light from the moon. I clear my mind and watch this shimmering display.

I recall memories and colours that swirl and twist, I deny harsh thoughts whilst they try to persist, A peaceful and calm place is where I desire to be, happy thoughts must be delivered and returned to me.

In the summertime when the air is warm, My glowing soul awakens to the golden hue of a musical dawn, My body stirs with anticipation for this new day.

My sleepy eyes open, my vision reduced to blurs and dots. My mind tries to cast back to beautiful dreams now forgotten. Fuelled by coffee, my day is set, and new goals are in sight. I woke up to sunshine and my day will be bright.

In the Autumn when the harvest is gathered, The once abundant land now casts a lifeless shadow. Once fruitful land lays bare much to my dismay.

The leaves fall, with the wind they share their final dance. Nature's eyes are tired, dormant are the once blooming plants. Inside my mind I search for colour in this space, Woeful thoughts creep in and dark dull nights alone I now must face.

In the winter when the air lacks heat, I am eager for warmth, a roaring fire I will greet. Although I am here alone I care to remember this way.

I sit in my chair and think back to what times it has seen, This is where many loved ones have sat and visiting friends have been. My body is tired, but my heart has wealth. When my time comes I will leave my body and be content with life and myself.

But when we are no longer here, the seasons will still awaken to times untold, Yet memories will stay with us and arouse our heavy tireless souls. To the world I search and open my eyes everyday to see, I reflect upon the thoughts I continue to have deep within me.

Lizzie Bevis

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