A Galactic Honeymoon
A Galactic Honeymoon wedding stories

lizziebevisI remain loyal until the end...
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A sweet and happy tale about two Aliens celebrating their happy day! Just a bit of fun!

A Galactic Honeymoon

Two Loved up Aliens called Juu and Bork were married this morning dressed as punks. The jovial natives were the lively partying sort, they were all bopping and dancing...and getting slightly drunk.

The bride she looked delightful with her rainbow coloured hair, her dress sparkled with black moon dust and her skirt did not lack flair!

The groom, he looked awesome dressed as a kick-ass geezer, he wore tight skinny denim jeans and a t-shirt supporting Weezer.

So, they partied well into the evening, the stars twinkled as the sky turned pink. It was time to make their getaway but to where they were wondering?! They had forgotten about their honeymoon so they sat and had a think!

They looked around and started laughing as jolly tipsy friends left. So many stumbled and kept crashing, it was bonkers but they felt blessed!

Juu and Bork crawled into their spacecraft, happily married at long last. They chatted about the future and they smiled remembering the past.

Their love would clearly expand beyond Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. It would undoubtedly clear the Milkyway as they ventured out towards distant stars.

Lizzie Bevis

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